The Problem of Evil – [2007/06/14] Comments on Stephen Law’s treatment of this old non-problem.

Atheist Label – How to label an atheist/agnostic.

What do atheists believe? – Some questions posed to atheists, and my response.

Atheists Against Religion – Misconceptions

On the Meaning of Life – For an Atheist – a letter from an atheist in response to a request from Will Durant to explain the meaning of life.

New Atheism – an explanation, to help put those lying critics straight.

My Atheism – And why I’m not an agnostic.

What do I believe ‘in’? Nothing. – There’s stuff I believe – that is, I believe it to be true, because there’s evidence and reason to support it. However,  it’s contingent, and I might change my mind when more evidence turns up. But, believing ‘in’ something is pointlessly ideological.

Ways of Knowing – There’s Only One, That We Know Of – Both the religious and the anti-Science pseudo-philosophers declare there are ‘other ways of knowing’ – something they say when the want to put science in its place. There’s only one way of knowing, and we’re all subject to it.

Moral Facts and Opinions – Ever wondered how you can live a good and moral life without pretending a god tells you what you should and shouldn’t do? Ever thought that relying on a god for your morals means that you’re basically an evil douche that can’t be good without some parental overlord threatening you with hell fire? Well, here you go.

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