The reason I haven’t posted much on this is that racism has been in decline since I became socially aware. In the UK I saw plenty, when I was younger, in the 60s and 70s. The struggle against it was going well, as much racism was driven out of institutions like the police, and even comedians had to tame their race references. It was never eradicated – and probably never will be, as long as humans retain their tribal instincts. But it was being exposed for the nonsense it is, and the actual racists had to skulk about in the undergrowth.

But there’s a weird mix of racism rising again, and the racist elements are fueling each other. The US has continued to fluctuate in it’s success and failure to rid itself of racism, but as the 21st century has developed there’s been this anti-Islam=Islamophobia=racism conflation, which black racist activists have latched onto, and feminists too … the alliance of SJWs and Islamic supremacists, under the guise of protecting Muslim victim minorities (a minority that consists of the second largest religion, influenced by rich and powerful Islamic states). This strange alliance where old school black activism aligns with Islamic supremacism and drags feminists along, without batting an eye to the racism within Islam and its diverse cultures or to the misogyny inherent in the religion and so openly exhibited by many of its followers.

The backlash: Brexit, Trump,  … both of which might have failed as narrowly as they had won, had Islam not been appeased and aided by Merkel, Obama and other supposedly liberal western politicians. And that has now given the green light for a new wave of white racists to crawl out of the woodwork.

So, here we go again: racism raises its ugly head, and from some really strange quarters.

The contribution made to the problem of emerging racism by SJWs is significant – though of course racists are the cause of racism, not the SJWs trying to suppress it. [Update 2021: the Woke racist ‘anti-racism’ is still racism.] Much as US foreign policy has unleashed Islamic insanity in the Middle East, so too Islam is the cause, and the US neo-con international politics has enabled it.

But suppressing racism by opposing free speech is a dangerous game to play – one we’ve played many times with regard to other socially unacceptable opinions, and it’s always bad news. The part of the problem that resides with SJWs is addressed in posts here.

But for specific aspects of racism …

The White European Culture Fallacy – From white supremacists to the simply scared white racists, the idea that their ‘whiteness’ is significant when they harp on about the greatness of European civilisation is totally missing the point. Along with the mechanisation of barbarity, Europeans have in parallel been absorbing and developing some of the best ways of organising our societies on the large scale. But this has nothing to do with the genetics of being ‘white’.

Bursting The White supremacy Bubble – Richard Spencer was challenged by Gary Young. Spencer came out with this line, “Africans have benefited from the experience of white supremacy”. And then someone asked what was wrong with what Richard Spencer had said in the interview. So, I started from that quote.