Social Justice Warriors

I’m all for social justice. But not for the ideological pseudo-liberal nonsense that is passed off as social justice by Social Justice Warriors. They show little evidence of interest in justice, and sometimes are explicit in their rejection of it.

A few themes tend to dominate – though that may be down to the SJWs I encounter on the internet – and they are Feminism, Trans Rights (the ideology is often in conflict with Feminism), Racism (seeing it everywhere), … and Islam (their pet religion).

Ranting Professor
The new ugly face of SJW … sorry, the new face of ugly SJW (poltical correctness restored)

I’ve already produced some posts, here. This page lists them and links to them.

My Posts

The Delusional Demos Director [2019-11-16] – Polly Mackenzie is the director of Demos, which mis-characterises itself as an ‘independent’ ‘think’ tank – both adjectives being way off the mark. How does an organisation come to choose someone as clueless and naive as Polly? There are links to other posts on what is really is a Social Justice Warrior propaganda outfit.

RadFem Idiots Lie About Kenan Malik [2018-02-01] – Kenan Malik makes a a point about the difference between vengeance and justice. Nothing about gender in there anywhere. A couple of RadFem idiots accuse him, between them, of defending an abuser, male apologism (‘himpathy’), and implying Malik might think the abuser doesn’t deserve jail

Desperate Dan Arel the Duplicitous Man [2017-04-15] – Dan has moved on … sort of. He’s moved on to a space where he can go insane in private without anyone bothering him. I hope this is my last post on Dan. If he gets any worse it would be too tragic to mock.

Etymology Man! Help! [2017-03-16] –  Dictionary atheism, Nazis, and th use of words and labels to demonise your enemies.

Desperate Dan Arel Hates You [2017-02-22] – Yes, he does. This goes over some of Dan’s conflation, misrepresentation and downright confusion.

Dan Arel Piece of Shit [2017-02-22] – No, I’m not saying Dan is a piece of shit, I’m pointing out how much he uses that phrase. It’s comical. Well, the fun stopped soon after posting this. He’s had to rely more on ‘fascist’ and ‘Nazi’ as his go-to labels. Good while it lasted though.

Yvette Felarca – By Any Means Fascistic [2017-02-17] – Yvette Felarca openly supports violence and the incitement of violence. Could you be any more fascistic without actually going full-Hitler [Godwin would be proud of me]?  Yvette – the real deal Aunty Fascist.

The Loony Left Will Lose Violently. [2017-02-03] – The Right in the USA have an NRA backed malitia-in-waiting, many serving and vet military, militarised cops, the government. The Right: “Go ahead punk. Make my day.”

Opposing Free Speech With Vigilante and State Violence.  [2017-02-01] – It seems many on the Left aren’t opposed to vigilante violence, and even pre-emptive strikes against ‘Nazis’. Dan Arel decides who is a Nazi, and that then is a green light for a violent attack. This post follows a conversation with someone who seems to agree with Dan that free speech isn’t for everyone, especially not the so labelled ‘Nazi’. JE at first backs away from street violence but walks straight into state violence, against Nazis of course – I’m surprised he doesn’t become a Trump supporter where he could encourage Mr T to use his state power to stick it to the Berkley Nazis that rioted and beat people unconscious. (Shit, did I just use the ‘Nazi’ label – it’s infectious).

Lies, Damned Lies, and .. Political Rhetoric. [2016-10-05] – This has a UK focus. It’s mainly about the LBC host James O’Brien’s ‘Rudd = Nazi‘ angry radio plurge, where he likened Rudd’s conference speech to Mein Kampf, except the bits he made the analogy to weren’t actually part of the speech. But there’s additional stuff about the £350 million NHS bus banner, which, while being a pretty dumb move, is misrepresented by hyperbolic rhetoric that tries to convince everyone that Brexiters promised £350 million to the NHS. If you hear ‘Nazi’ or ‘Hitler’ in political rhetoric from the Left you can pretty much bet they’ve turned the dial up to eleven, and that they think their target is actually as bad as or even worse than Hitler.

Pseudo-Liberal Double Standards. [2016-08-24] – This is a work in progress of how pseudo-liberals and SJWs apply double standards, illiberal methods, to win rather then seek truth and wellbeing for everyone.

BBC Victoria Derbyshire – Sloppy Islamophobia Journalism. [2016-08-23] – Examples of how pseudo-liberals sing the same tune as those Muslims that want to impose restrictions on free speech. In this case it’s the presentation of what are suspect figures in a manner that not only exaggerates the problem it means to expose, but by their dishonesty contributes to the divisiveness they want to prevent.

The Cenk Uygur Files. [2016-07-19] – It turns out that Cenk is good for many examples of pseudo-liberalism. He’s a liberal, to be fair. But he’s pretty choosy about when to apply it – and, you guessed it, sucks up to Islam, while at the same time denying he does. He manages to play the outraged good guy, but often misrepresents people. It’s not always easy to figure whether that’s out of biased dishonesty, or because he’s not as bright as he likes to think he is. There are a lot of basic errors of listening, logic and comprehension. There’s so much, Cenk gets his own list, and this page is it. It includes small cases and links to longer posts. The go-to page for most things Cenk on this blog. [Hope to get around to  lists for Aslan, Myers, Greenwald, Werleman – though the last needs a blog all for himself, he puts his foot in his mouth so often.]

Why #FreeMilo IS About Free Speech. [2016-07-21] – NOTE: this is NOT a defence of Milo on all his views! (Yes, some people read this and presume I ‘support’ Milo – yes I do on freedom of speech, freedom to be outrageously gay, … but not on his conservativism or religion) So, Milo Yiannopoulos was banned from Twitter. Twitter seems to have a pseudo-liberal agenda. Twitter guy @jack made noises about wanting Twitter to be a platform for free speech, but seems very happy to shut down the conservative right more than the pseudo-liberal left, or other individuals (skin colour seems to help) when they infringe Twitter rules. The odd thing in this case is that Milo was falsely accused of an infringement that his interlocutor Leslie Jones engaged in herself (incitement to troll), and Milo was shut down, but not Jones. Dan Arel claims this isn’t a fee speech issue, but I think it is, especially given @jack’s stated intentions for Twitter.

John Horgan’s Agenda Driven Piece. [2016-05-23] – John Horgan, science journalist, basically describes himself when he attacks group-think in the skeptical community. He jumps on the bandwagon of attacking Harris, Dawkins and others, under the guise of presenting a hard journalistic view of failures in skepticism.

Marek Sullivan Needs Help. [2015-12-11] – Marek Sullivan wrote a piece in Counterpunch: Sam Harris’s Quantum Universe (or, How to Say One Thing While Meaning Another) The title should be Sam Harris’s Quantum Universe (or, How to Say One Thing Harris says and have people like Marek read another). You know the story. Sam Harris supposedly supports the presidential aims of Ted Cruz, blah, blah, … Guess what? Sullivan is in the theology crazies at Oxford: University of Oxford, Faculty of Theology and Religion! And, his speciality: “I’m a graduate at Oxford studying New Atheism as an ideological phenomenon.”

Trav’s Travesty of BS in, On Dawkins. [2015-10-07] – I thought that a humanist magazine, from the American Humanist Association, could have resisted this, but apparently not. Another opportunity to attack Dawkins can’t be missed.

Ashley Miller Invites Our Atheist Self Flagellation. [2015-10-07] – Ashley Miller posts a thinly disguised attack on New Atheists, with what appears like some serious soul searching. But we know who is really to blame for the Oregon  shootings.

Is Myers Morally and Intellectually Bankrupt? [2015-10-07] – PZ Myers seems to lose the plot. he’s so determined that ‘atheism’ means more than not-theism, that Humanism seems to have slipped his mind for the past few years, as he’s tried on and discarded the hats of gnu atheism, New Atheism, Atheism+ and the fascinator that is his Social Justice Warriorship. [2017-04-15 – Note that Dan Arel is replaying this whole Myers implosion of the ‘atheist community‘ thing. Just as poorly.]

Dawkins on Ahmed and the clock [2015-09-23] – This is a page that summarises how Dawkins was misrepresented. It links to the detail in a Storify post: Dawkins Tweets Ahmed: the flow of tweets from Dawkins and how I read them, and how any charitable reader might see them.

Lauren Nelson (Lake?) [2015-07-29] – Nelson goes for Dawkins, fails miserably, and is even called out by some of her followers. She took this tweet and ran with it – or rather stumbled, tripped, fell flat on her face: Dawkins, “Islam needs a feminist revolution. It will be hard. What can we do to help?”

Cenk Uygur Is Losing His Grip On Reality? [2015-05-31] – Well, this post summarises and links to a few sources that have shown Cenk for the SJW he is. The thing is, many are fans of Cenk in other respects. Seems that CJ Werleman and Reza Aslan got to him and now he’s stuck.

Social Justice The PZ Way [2015-04-12] – So, PZ and crew don’t merely jump on the bandwagon of hate against an innocent librarian, they build the bandwagon and set it rolling without any brakes. And all the time the original accusers were lying. That’s OK, I’m sure PZ will apologise. … Waiting …. Still waiting.

#PseudoLiberals Go After New Atheists. [2015-02-18] – Sorry about this, but this is a link to a page containing yet more links. There’s simply too much SJW stuff out there.

The ‘Maajid The Terrorist’ Meme. [Storify link] – Maajid Nawaz is a Muslim that was a member of Islamist political group Hizb ut-Tahrir (HuT). He’s now a liberal (and a Liberal Democrat) who is putting a lot of effort into changing the way Muslims perceive their holy texts, in order to counter Islamism and the radicalisation of young people. This Storify shows how a good education doesn’t stop a SJW on an agenda of misrepresentation.

Posts By Others

These are posts by others that give their own views on the phenomena of the Social Justice Warrior and the Regressive.

Social Justice is so easy. This isn’t the first I encountered, but it is one that prompted this page as a link page. I distinguish between ‘social justice’ as a philosophical and political objective, and Social Justice Warriorship as the mostly internet driven phenomenon of outrage. Smilodon’s post refers to the internet outrage as ‘social justice’, but it’s clear what the author is referring to.

The Rise of the Regressives. This post picks up on the usual characters: Max Blumenthal, Glenn Greenwald, Nathan Leen, C J Werleman.

Special Mention – IDW

The ‘Intellectual Dark Web’ is an ironic label for a collection of thinkers that have become associated with each other for their tendency to oppose the insanity that has infested much of the left wing of political discourse. All are opposed to the extremes of the far right. Some are even religious and have previously been debate adversaries of other ‘members’. The group name has been derided as if it were a serious and un-ironic self-identification, and the members have in common that badge of honour that is being falsely labelled as ‘far right’, ‘alt-right’, ‘racist’, ‘fascist’, ‘Islamophobe’ and other epithets that are so obviously what they are not. If you catch anyone directing these labels at members of the IDW it won’t take much of an investigation to find that accuser has never really engaged with them and is parroting the bod mouthing rhetoric of hard core SJWs, or they are a hard core SJW.

The Three Amigos

This group have taken up the cudgel of Alan Sokal in exposing the nonsense in the output of the SJW Academy – i.e. the various ‘critical’ theories of the post-modern instantiation of failed Marxist doctrine – or “How persuade people to your way of thinking by bullying, doxing and even street violence, when they have thought about and dismissed as nonsense your way of thinking.”

Brit Box Set

These opponents of far left nonsense (and far right nonsense too … the irony being that this needs to be pointed out, due to SJW nonsense narrative) lend a particularly British perspective to the egregious SJW and, peculiar to Britain, Islamist and far left alliance.

Special Mention – Andrew Doyle

Andrew is the creator of @TitaniaMcGrath – “Activist. Healer. Radical intersectionalist poet. Selfless and brave. Buy my books” – but now has a presence and commentary of his own: @andrewdoyle_com

Special Mention – Bill Maher

Comedian and show host for US shows like Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO), Politically Incorrect (1993 – 2002). The infamous Ben Affleck, Sam Harris and Bill Maher Debate Radical Islam | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) – the opening statements by Maher and Harris are still true today. But then SJW Ben chips in “That’s gross, it’s racist.”

Special Mention – Christina Hoff Sommers

“Former philosophy professor. Author of War Against Boys. Host of YouTube’s The Factual Feminist & co-host of weekly podcast @Femsplainers” – @CHSommers. Christina has been talking about the problems with ‘radical’ feminism for years (on Twitter since 2011) … but wrote “Who Stole Feminism?” in 1994! A feminist, Old School, a Democrat, Jewish … now labelled far right Nazi???

Some older Special Mentions that I had on this page … they are fighting the fight in their own way …

Special Mention – Dave Rubin

After leaving behind the downward spiral that is the influence of Cenk Uygur and the TYT crew, Dave has his own show. This has been a refreshing collection of interviews with people that have been targets of the regressives.

Here is Dave’s youtube channel: The Rubin Report. And some particular interviews addressing regressives: Ali Rizvi, Nick Cohen, Peter Boghossian, Sam Harris,  Christina Hoff Sommers,  Sarah Haider,  Faisal Saeed Al-Mutar,  Douglas Murray, Gad Saad,  Ayaan Hirsi Ali,  Milo Yiannopoulos, … and the shows keep on coming.

Dave’s show is often criticised for not challenging the guests from the Right; but I think the point of the show is to find common ground around liberty and freedom, and to engage in dialogue without conflict. It brings the actual stated views of those on the right to Dave’s mostly liberal audience. He acknowledges differences but doesn’t go after them the way others might. There’s room for this show. We can take what we hear here and challenge it ourselves.

Sadly, many ‘liberals’ are showing their own colours by declaring this show void and not listening … exactly the problem with SJW attack dogs.

Special Mention – Gad Saad

Gad’s channel is here: Gad Saad

Gad has been creating videos for some time, with over 100 of the The Saad Truth series. He’s interviewed some of the same liberals as Dave Rubin, but additionally: Asra Nomani, Anne Marie Waters, Mercedes Carrera, Aki Muthali.

You’ll notice that some of the guests on these shows from Dave Rubin and Gad Saad are not exactly political bedfellows; but the difference here is that all subscribe to essential liberal values and lack the accommodationism and dogma of the regressives and SJWs.

Gad has his own style, and character. Not everyone gets his humour. He’s more impatient with critics than I’d choose to be and doesn’t help his own case sometimes. But again, as with Dave Rubin, some liberals turn this to hate and denounce him altogether … exactly the problem with SJW attack dogs. (Did I say that already?)

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