This is a blog about philosophy, religion, some politics. The content is mostly blog posts, with a few pages that summarise the posts related to a main menu subject.

Thinking – It helps if you do it well. We are survival machines, as are other living organisms. But we have also developed, but not exactly mastered, the capacity to think rationally and to evaluate evidence. This section is some of that … what we are, how we got here, what we are to make of it all, and what tools we might use to figure it out.

Consciousness and Free-Will – More about the subsystem we use to do the thinking. What is consciousness? Do we have free-will?

Atheism – As an atheist, you might expect I have some opinions on atheism. I do. They are expressed here.

Religion – As an atheist, you might expect I have some opinions on religion too. I do. Some are expressed here.

Islam – Oh dear. Having an opinion on Islam, and expressing an unfavourable one, will see you branded as a racist or an Islamophobe, or both, as they are often conflated. There are racists that hate Muslims, of course. But the false charges are most commonly made to criticis of Islam, in order to shut down criticism of Islam; where ‘Hate Speech’ is the new blasphemy law. Islam has always been a problematic religion – as many Muslims have themselves made clear through the last 1400 years or so. In the 21st century it has burst out of ‘Muslim lands’ and started to become a pest in the West.

SJW – That’s Social Justice Warriors. Social justice is an admirarble goal, but these nut jobs take it to a place once thought only inhabited by the religious. Typically from the left … the ever further left … they turn worthwhile causes into ideological hell, demonising everyone that disagrees with them. They’ll get you fired for saying anything that can be construed to be sexist. They will have you booted from your university course for wearing the wrong hair style – the US university campus is their breeding ground, where, miraculously, intellecually infertile pseudo-academics sprout intellectually stunted child student clones. If they have nothing on you they can always find someone willing to shout “Rape!”, and rather than call the police you’ll be subject to a kangaroo court of deluded and pitifully submissive administrators. And if they can’t eject you from your job or sudies course, they’ll turn to violence on the streets – hi there, AntiFa (who are brands of anarchists and communists and not at all anti-fascists).

Racism – The reason I haven’t posted much on this is that racism was in decline, from when I became socially aware in the 60s and 70s. But, 21st C and here we go again: racism raises its ugly head, and from some really strange quarters.


At one time the sensible people in the west needed only worry about a few categories of odd-balls at home: the Christians and Scientologists, the politically corrupt, the not-quite-insane-enough-for-committal, the neo-Nazis and the white hooded KKK simpletons. The greater demons were to the East.

A strong secular liberal democracy that valued free speech, with a working consciencious free press, made these nutters for the most part ineffectual or fairly easy to expose.

But then both Islam and SJWs expanded in the west, and became strange allies – strange in that on paper they should be mutually antithetical. But they have a common cause: Muslims became willing victims that the SJWs could fight for. The end of free speech has become a distinct possibility – and the irony is that the ones strengthened by shutting down free speech are those that we least want to hear from, and the ones that need it most are repressed instead.

It’s easy to debunk the racism of neo-Nazis white supremacism, but if you shut down free speech you just create a new set ofnew victims, and you give them a rallying cause: the demise of whiteness.

And if you tell the SJW that we should hear what the neo-Nazis have to say, because it turns out what they have to say is rediculously stupid, and that by free speech in turn we can refute their dumb claims, you won’t find an ally in the SJWs. They’d simply call you a Nazi too, for supposedly defending the Nazis. They conflate the defence of free speech for everyone, including racists, with defending what the racists have to say. There’s an almost theological verve to the SJW ideological insanity – you’re with us or against us, and we’ll eat our own if they step out of line.

This is the hell of the early 21st century. It’s touch-and-go whether we can retain liberalism and free speech. There are ‘Hate Speech’ crimes in Europe, and Canada has M-103 … all geared to protect Islam. There are some feminists who think a wolf whistle is as bad as rape. Words are violence. Safe spaces are necessary for the emotionally incited, yet they are often the foulest of rhetoricians and demonisers.

So, from basic philosophy to insane politics, welcome to my blog.