Naturally, this gem of human folly deserves its own page.

A Guide To Terrorists For Idiots – After seeing so many apologists for Islam question the apparent arbitrary labelling of Islamic terrorism but not other terrorist I thought a short guide would help.

Islam – Violent Ideology – I was asked to explain why I thought Islam was a violent ideology and at the same time acknowledge there are plenty of nice Muslims out there that do not engage in violence and could not be less violent.

Islam – A Breakdown – The lack of an authoritative source, other than the texts, makes pretty much anyone a specialist on Islam, and at the very same time an ignorant fool. Don’t worry, the irony of me presenting a breakdown of Islam isn’t lost on me. Islam is a crazy world. A question put to me has finally prompted me to write this post, because the inevitable demand for a ‘brief’ explanation of my view simply cannot be met.

The Liar’s Holy Book – This is a rehash of a point I’ve made in other posts, and it applies to Christianity as well as Islam. It’s the stupidity of believing a book that asserts its own truth without reference to any external evidence.

The Quran – Polysemous or Duplicitous? – An example of the guff I see from those tiresome regressives making excuses for the Quran that don’t stand up to scrutiny. Isn’t the Quran wonderful, with its ‘polysemous’ verses? No. “Verses 7:3; 17:46; 41:44; 56:79 are extraordinary works of linguistic art containing both the thesis and its proof simultaneously, since their multiple-meaning language contains a guide to understand the Quran and an excuse for not understanding the Quran.” Bullshit.

Why Islam? – One theme comes out in comments by some Muslims on recent programmes about Islam, “Why pick on Islam?”

Anticipating Islamaphobia-phobia, Again – I think that sometimes those that criticise Islam are seen as Islamaphobes, as if they make stuff up about the extent to which homophobia exists in Islam; or about or how women are viewed; or about how kafirs are viewed; or about how kids are indoctrinated in faith schools; or about the political nature of Islam. As if there is no rational reason to be concerned about Islam, or the reluctance to criticise Islam.

Political Islam – There may be plenty of British Muslims that are perfectly peaceful, want nothing more than to be allowed to follow Islam on a personal basis. But that isn’t where the trouble for democracy lies.

My Problem With Islam – Asked so often, “What’s your problem with Islam?”, this is a general answer.

You should read the Quran. Why? – Islamic specialism seems to presume I’d be enlightened by one particular holy text, but not by others. I’m an atheist that doesn’t see any merit in holy books that claim to be inspired by or revealed by imaginary friends. I don’t swallow the presuppositional existence of a deity that such inspiration or revelation demands. There are just too many religions, and sects within religions, to make ANY of the claims credible – and there is NEVER any evidence to back up the claims. …

Our Islamophobic Politicians – At the time of writing the Conservatives are being targeted by Labour and some self-appointed Muslim organisations for being ‘Islamophobic’. It’s a confidence trick. Our politicians are Islamophobic – they fear Islam.

Islam, LBGT and Peter Tatchell – This little event took place in 2015, but Peter Tatchell is still pushing it. It nicely illustrates the confusion in Peter’s narrative on Islam.

Muslim Reformists

It’s Tough Being a Secular Democratic Liberal Muslim – Maajid Nawaz is one of many reformist Muslims taking a tricky route through the quick sands of Islam. Danger is all around. I don’t think it helps is case if he’s not completely honest and consistent with his words. I support his efforts, but sometimes I think he’s in danger of playing the rhetorical games that makes Islam such a mess.

Responses to excusers of Islam

The Quran – Polysemous or Duplicitous? – Same as above, but it belongs here too. Michael Elwood has earned his spot here.

Marek Sullivan Needs Help – This student in a theology faculty at Oxford University abuses basic logic to excuse Islam and to misrepresent and demonise Sam Harris. Reason is lost on him.

Excusing Islam From Islamic Terrorism – And here is a response to one such article excusing Islamic terrorism on the grounds that other terrorists are not declared as such.

Another Empty Claim That ISIS ‘Warp’ The Religion – Islam, the religion where more than any other there’s a pre-occupation with declaring other Muslims non-Muslim or un-Islamic or warpers of the faith. Miqdaad Versi tries to distance Islam from the Paris attacks.

Scott Eric Kaufman – Friend or Foe? – Scott supposes himself a liberal, but damns Sam Harris with feint praise on the matter of Islam.

Dawkins Tweets Ahmed Support – Dawkins tweeted in support of Ahmed the ‘clock’ boy, but also questioned the greatness of his clock that many were marvelling at. So, naturally Dawkins haters come out in force to condemn his supposed Islamophobia. Not a lot on actual Islam here because it’s mostly about Dawkins-hate, but it does show the twisting of words to avoid saying anything too bad about Islam.

Mehdi Hasan Destroys Islam – Mehdi Hasan destroys Islam. He doesn’t mean to, but as he thinks he’s distancing Islam from ISIS he picks so many reasons for rejecting Islam. Good job, Mehdi.

The Enlightenment of Saira Khan – The brave Saira Khan has tried to come to terms with the terrorists and misogynists in her ‘community’. But, in he process does all she can not to mention the religious elephant in the room.

The Quran Endorses Slavery? – Many Muslims would have you believe it opposes slavery. But they only quote certain verses to provide evidence. Other verses show clearly slavery was permitted, for Allah never said, “Muslims, free all slaves now and take no more!”