Posts that comment on religion in particular…


Biblical Story – The religious like their stories. Not having this privilege as an atheist I thought I’d give it a go anyway.

It’s a Kind of Magic – No it’s not the Queen song. This is a theist supporting the atheist argument.

The Problem of Evil – Why it’s not a problem…

The Problem with Faith – Carrying from The Problem of Evil.

God and Analogies – How analogies work, or don’t, in debates about God; with my own crack-pot God analogy.

Perfection – in religion; a misconception about vague notion. God is not perfect.

Religious Symbols – In state institutions.

Slight of Hand with Faith – A review of a Stephen Law post on faith.

Is Religion Dangerous? – Four conditions that can make it so.

Crush on Christ – The overwhelming love of Christ.

God and Linux – A half baked theology (nothing new then)

Baggini on the ABC – Pointer to the ABC putting his foot in it.

Imprecatory Prayer – Why extremists don’t need violence if it works.

Some Notes On Theism – What it says.

They’re Up The Wall – No women allowed.

The God Illusion – Or cardboard cut-out

Jesus & Mo – Religious Privilege and hypocracy.

Jesus and the Batman Gospels – The various Batman artists have produced variations on the Batman theme that echo variations in the treatment of that other fictional character, Jesus, in the Christian gospels.

Wager on an Atheist’s God – Pascal’s wager has been concerning me. What can an atheist do to counter it?

Supernatural v Natural – Does this distinction make sense? And what about the hypernatural?

Can Faith Ever be Rational? – This is a response to that direct question. TL;DR: No.

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