A collection of posts on political issues. These are the areas covered by various posts:

Political Matters – A number of posts on general political issues.

Racism – My opposition to it, as an anathema to democratic freedom for all. This isn’t a difficult subject, so there aren’t many posts. It just takes some effort to get through to the racists of many ethnicities. Special mentions for the not-so-supreme white supremacists.

Social Justice Warriors – Despite the simplicity of the ideas of social justice, whether it be anti-racism, feminism, LBGT+ rights, the social justice warriors are so called because in their outraged emotional endeavour to bring social justice about, they make such a hash of it. They do more harm than good.

Fallible Heroes – There are many good people out there that are awarded hero status for their campaigning on political issues. But sometimes they get things a little cock-eyed. This is not a big criticism of them, but a collection of minor corrections, well intended. I still support them.