Political Matters

A collection of posts on political matters.

The Delusional Demos Director – Demos is a think tank, but given some of the recent output from the director, Poly Mackenzie, and some of her past associations with politicians that have blown their credibility, one has to question the quality of thinking in the Demos think tank (“Think this way and see your political career is tanked.”)

The Nation State – Supporting the principle of autonomous democratic nation states is not xenophobic or racist. Though xenophobic racists might support the nation state (they need not), the current hate-filled trend of demonising Brexit voters seems to favour these terms.

Lies, Damned Lies, and .. Political Rhetoric – Britain voted to leave the EU, and the 48% of British people that voted remain went all wobbly, then turned into hate filled monsters spewing fire in the direction of the 52% Brexiters, for the hate filled xenophobic racist bigotry some of the 48% perceive in them.

Referendum – Not Such A Good Idea – While in principle it does give everyone a direct say in a decision the country needs to make, and can certainly be used for guiding the political direction that Parliament ought to take, it’s not such a good idea for a full and final decision.