Fallible Heroes

We can acquire many hero figures on our life’s journey. We find people that teach us new ideas, express common ideas better, set a good example, of thought and behaviour.

But we are all fallible humans, and sometimes our heroes make mistakes. This needn’t be a reason to disavow them. Quite the opposite, the more human they are the more support they need. After all, it’s not exactly wise to put your heroes on precariously balanced pedestals, since the disappointment of seeing them crash and smash into pieces in your idolatrous mind can be a bit of a let down that you cannot recover from.

Nevertheless, if we are to avoid idolatry, it helps if we note, and remind ourselves, of when our heroes make mistakes. Not to belittle them, to disown them, to ‘expose’ them, but to hint at what we see as corrections, or alternative views.

This list is not about demonising people in the manner of some Nasty Drupes social justice nut. This list of people are still heroes … until such time they give good reason not to be considered as such.

Alice Roberts Avoids Trans Issues – I start with Alice only because this appeared at a time when I thought I’d pull my finger out and start this series. Alice blocked someone, and the result was those she disagreed with saw this as an admission of defeat, when in fact she could have provided much more help.

Nick Cohen Jumps on a Bandwagon – An older post that has a natural home here. Nick engaging in the duplicitous use of language that he has deplored elsewhere.