Another Empty Claim That ISIS ‘Warp’ The Religion

Paris attack: As a Muslim I’m disgusted how Isis can carry out this violence and claim to represent my faith – Miqdaad Versi

“I am equally if not more so angry that these people should do so through some misguided and warped grasp of my faith.”

Come on, Miqdaad, this is not convincing.

You really can’t make a case that it is a warped grasp of ‘your’ faith without being very explicit about what your faith is; and simply saying it’s ‘Islam’ is the nature of the problem. Because ‘your’ Islam is not ‘their’ Islam. What you take from Islam isn’t what they take form Islam. But let’s be honest here, what they take from Islam is right their in the ‘inerrant’ world of god, and in the examples of the life of your prophet: the stoning, the beheading, the demand for lashing for sex outside marriage. You have to ‘warp’ those words, with selectivity, the magic of ‘context’, or whatever else you do to take only love and peace from those texts.

“But there is also a real concern that in the days ahead, there will be those who will try to use the Parisian atrocity to divide the British society and as an excuse to launch attacks against Muslims, as happened after the Charlie Hebdo attacks earlier this year.”

I appreciate that concern. But let’s be honest, it will pale into insignificance compared to the threat that atheist bloggers in Bangladesh live under. Some perspective, please.

“With a number of horrific tweets talking about killing all Muslims …”

You know this is mostly bullshit, right? Let’s take a moment here to note that when ISIS say they want to kill infidels, they really mean it. They were real deaths in Paris, not empty threats. The killers of Lee Rigby really did kill him and didn’t merely post empty threats on twitter.

“… and with people such as Richard Dawkins equating Islam with Nazism, …”

Again, let’s be honest here. Dawkins is referring to the way Islam is presented to us by ISIS. This has many similarities to the surge of Nazism, including the persecution and genocidal treatment of whole groups of people based on their religious or political identity. And, again, the script for that can quite legitimately be taken from the Islamic texts – at least as legitimately as you take your watered down Islam of love and peace.

“Verbal assaults against Muslims have already begun to take place.”

Wow! Verbal assaults. Now that’s not nice, and we should object to it strongly. But hardly on a scale of the Paris attack is it.

“At a bus stop in the UK today, a man shouted, “They need to all die, these Muslims need to die. Look what they’re doing in Paris,” to a young Muslim woman.”

Take a moment, Miqdaad, and think about what has been said by Muslims around the world regarding non-Muslims. Look at the rhetoric used any time a cartoon of Muhammed is produced.

“British Muslims have also been rocked by suicide attacks devastating Beirut which killed over 40 people, and in Baghdad, which took over 20 lives.”

British Muslims have been rocked? Why mention British Muslims in the context of these killings? Suddenly the unity of Muslims is important, when Muslims are victims, but not so much when Muslims are the perpetrators?

I stand with you against the physical attacks on Muslims in the UK that you describe. However, when you list the attacks in Beruit and Baghdad, they have been attacked by Muslims, so making your point particularly decietful.

“These incidents come on the back of thousands being killed by Daesh in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, amongst others.”

Yes, we know that most victims of Muslim Islamists are Muslims. And we know that pious Muslims can become victim to the incitement to violence for merely having been supposed to have damaged a copy of the Quran.

“There are many who feel wary of trying to restate the fact that #MuslimsAreNotTerrorists…”

Dishonest again, Miqdaad. Try ‘#MostMuslimsAreNotTerrorists’, because some clearly are.

“Once again there will be a debate as to whether Muslims should be compelled to condemn those terrorists who kill in our name.”

Do you feel it needs to be debated whether Muslims should condemn those terrorists?

“Sadly, I feel we have no option but to make sure our voice is heard.”

And I feel the same too, though I suspect many of your fellow Muslims would call me an Islamophobe for doing so. And you know full well if you state it too loudly and clearly some of your fellow Muslims will call you a traitor, because, again, unity in the face of criticism of your religion is far more important than siding with infidels against the extremes of your religion.

“Muslim have come out in united condemnation to stand apart from this evil.”

Yes, and that is very welcome.

“There is also a desire to move beyond words and show solidarity through action.”

Even better.

“As we all mourn the devastation caused by these terrorists, who try and claim legitimacy from the faith of Islam, …”

They do no more than you do, Miqdaad. You too claim legitimacy. And you and the terrorists deny it of each other. You play the Takfir game.

“… and as we all support effective methods to keep our nation safe and secure, we cannot let the terrorists win by dividing us. Together, we must stand united.”

This is the most heartening part of your piece. But it really doesn’t help when you hide from the facts. ISIS can claim Islamic legitimacy just as much as you can. You may not like that, and nor do I. I wish you and ISIS were of different religions. It would make life a lot simpler of all of us.

But you share the same ‘inerrant Quran and the texts of the Hadith; and the ISIS interpretation needs far fewer excuses and contexts to justify it.

If you really think that we should all stand together, then let’s do it for the liberal that allow us to criticise each others beliefs without fear of violence in the name of it, or without stifling dissent within your religion by persecution and even a sentence of death for leaving it.

Do you support what Maajid Nawaz is doing? Or is that asking too much? How about Asra Nomani? Or are you so stuck with the inerrancy of your tests that you must play the Takfir game with ISIS?

4 thoughts on “Another Empty Claim That ISIS ‘Warp’ The Religion

  1. Nothing but taqiyya filled LIES from Miqbaad. We all know what Islam is about I’m fed up with them playing the victim all the time and can see straight through this liar I think most people can

    1. Hi Allan,

      I’m sure that’s the case often, but it’s difficult to tell, because there are others that show similar denialism where taqiyya doesn’t apply.

  2. EU Referendum – some points Muslims should consider before voting

    Muslims are clearly divided on this issue, but here are some undeniable facts.

    As Muslims we should be more concerned with the impact on our Deen and not so much on the UK Economy.

    For the Remain Voters:

    It is important to note that we are already a part of Europe, so if Remain wins, nothing will change.
    Let’s quickly see some facts about what has happened since we have been a part of Europe

    Facts while we are a part of Europe:

    Eastern Europe was at war with Islam in Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia & Ukraine. This conflict has led to Eastern Europeans hating Muslims. These countries committed genocide against Muslims.

    Free movement allows these hate-filled people to enter the UK without any restrictions

    • Muslim Brother murdered by Eastern European in Birmingham ( )
    • And Mosque in Birmingham bombed by the same Eastern European man (

    Some people are saying let the Eastern European come and we will give them Da’wah and convert them to Muslims. Yet those people who suggest that, have not even made any concerted effort to give Da’wah to the British people living in this country or made any significant progress on giving Da’wah to other Non-Muslims.

    So by remaining in Europe, the open border policy will allow more hate filled Europeans to come to the UK and attack Muslims – nothing will change.

    Now let’s check the track record of the more “civilised” European countries on Islam

    • Switzerland Bans Minarets ( )
    • Italy Bans building New Mosques ( )
    • Austria Bans Arabic Language – no sermons in Arabic and Quran must be in German language only and must not be recited in Arabic ( )
    • Netherland wants to Ban Islam ( )
    • Hijab Ban across Europe – France, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Denmark and Germany ( )
    • European Court of Justice (ECJ) backs workplace ban on headscarf ( )
    • Far-Right Groups that hate Islam across Europe are getting close to being elected in government ( )

    Some people argue that these are independent countries that hate Islam and not the EU. But you have to remember that their leaders vote to pass EU Policies. So do you think they will vote to make Islam better or worse in Europe in the future?

    Clearly Europe is Super Anti-Islamic. And you STILL want to be a part of Europe?
    Sooner or later, Britain will have to accept some of those Anti-Islamic Policies to remain part of Europe.

    Now the worse part of remaining in Europe:

    • Slovakia – Prime Minister Robert Fico said: Islam has NO Place in this Country ( )

    • On July 1st 2016, Robert Fico takes over the EU Presidency – and he hates Muslims openly!!

    So if you vote to REMAIN in Europe, you will be voting for Fico to become the President of the EU, who hates Muslims from his very core of his heart.

    UK is part of the European Communities Act 1972 which implicitly recognises that EU LAW over UK Law ( )

    Thus EU Laws against Islam can easily be approved by the EU that can have a profound effect on Muslims living in Britain

    So in summary, if you vote to REMAIN, you are endorsing a BAN on Islam across Europe or at least you are supporting people who hate Islam. And eventually those Anti-Islam Policies will filter over into Britain as we will be now more strongly associated with Europe because the Country has voted in favour of being FULL members of the EU.

    For the Brexits – LEAVE Vote:

    If you BREXIT, i.e. LEAVE, you are effectively saying you are NOT Supporting European policies and attitude towards Islam.

    You are HELPING to STOP:
    • European Islamic Hatred from coming into the UK
    • European Migration – so that people who hate Islam just can’t walk into the UK.

    You will be protecting
    • Islamic Freedom in the UK (as we won’t be influenced by European politics)
    • The Building of Masjids and Islamic Institutions
    • The Arabic Quran
    • The Right to wear Hijab in public places ( )

    By Voting to LEAVE, you are saying
    • You do NOT support European Hatred of Islam
    • Islam in Britain should be separate from Europe
    • You do not approve of Robert FICO, who openly hates Islam from being the European President

    By Voting LEAVE, we can help shape how Islam grows in the UK WITHOUT INTERFERENCE from European Policy Makers, majority of who are all trying to ban Islam across Europe.

    The choice is yours.

    I for one am LEAVING because I want Islam to grow independently in the UK without European influence and I am not going to lend support to Europe over how Muslims are treated there.

    May Allah (SWT) guide us all in making the correct decision, and May Allah (SWT) take this country on a route that is best for Islam.

    1. Hi Muslima,

      Sorry I didn’t approve your comment sooner. It seems I’ve missed a couple of comments around this time. I was on holiday.

      I appreciate your perspective, but it’s important to understand the various points of view that are anti-Islam.

      – There are bigots that hate other people for being different. Some are racists that focus on racial differences, but they often confuse Islam with race, because the majority of Muslims are non-white. But some will oppose Islam for a number of reasons: religion, culture, race. There are similar bigots in all societies and races – there is certainly racism and cultural supremacy within some Arab cultures, especially against workers from the far East even though they too might be Muslims.

      – There are many people that support our secular liberal democracy: secular, because the state should not support or oppose any belief system, including atheism; liberal, because it’s the individual’s personal conscience that dictates whether they want to engage in activities that authoritarian religions often condemn; and democratic, because everyone gets to vote.

      – The secular aspect means that Christians, Muslims other faiths and atheists can all subscribe to it, because it gives everyone the freedom to practice their beliefs. Those religious people that oppose secularism and want their religion to be given special privileges are a direct threat to all other believers. I oppose anyone that wants to impose their religion on others, through government support or through special protections.

      – Liberalism means that anyone that chooses to live some lifestyle that I don’t approve of for myself gets the freedom to enjoy that lifestyle without my interference. And of course I am not required to join in. So, to the religious, sex outside marriage, homosexual relationships – it doesn’t matter what someone thinks their god thinks, butt out, none of your business. As long as you are not being required to join in, none of your business. This also applies to Muslims that choose to live a lifestyle that is still in their view Islamic, but which is not the general Islamic view – so, if a gay Muslim wants to be a gay Muslim, so be it; he should not be persecuted by other Muslims.

      – Democratic means that, unlike in Islam, everyone gets a vote. By extension anyone can be elected to any position. And in law, everyone is equal. No special cases. For example, no application of Sharia, no having the testimony of men being worth more than women, no reserving some jobs for those of a particular religion.

      All that leaves Muslims in the UK with a potential problem. If they opt for the traditional political-judicial-religious supremacy of Islam they are going to find that it incompatible with western secular liberal democracy. The same applies to an Christians or those of other faiths that think they deserve special treatment. Thankfully there are many Muslims, christians and people of other faiths that accept the UK is a secular liberal democracy.

      Of course the UK has its share of fascists, communists, anarchists and all shades of political and religious persuasion that oppose secular liberal democracy. They don’t get very far when they start spouting their bigoted views.

      This doesn’t even get started on stupidity of believing in gods in the first place. There are intellectuals in most faiths that should know better. However, many people are indoctrinated into their belief, and even later in life some are still fooled enough to simply switch belief in gods from one religion to another. That’s something we have to live with until a better education system opens eyes to the folly of religion.

      ISIS are doing a good job of opening the eyes of many secular liberal democrats in the west, including liberal Muslim reformers. Unfortunately they are still also duping gullible Muslims into doing what the texts demand, instead of making excuses for not following the nasty parts of the texts in the way many decent Muslims manage, and in the way Christians avoid the nasty bits of the bible.

      I am anti-religion, but specifically anti-Islam, because currently it’s the more damaging religion. This opposition is based on philosophy, reason, science. I still maintain a secular perspective and wouldn’t want to ban religion or oppress it, but intellectually, politically, I oppose it, just as I do with fascism and communism.

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