The Cenk Uygur Files

This is becoming such a regular occurrence that it makes you worry about the guy. Hold that thought …. nope, when he’s so malicious in the treatment of his targets my sympathy is not with him, but with them – including Sarah Palin, FFS!

Yes, the voices of reason are actually defending Sarah Palin . Strange? No – when someone is being genuinely misrepresented it does your own case no good if you leave that out there. This is where Cenk and other Regressives go off the rails: the demonisation and misrepresentation they call out in others is exactly what they engage in themselves.

So, the evidence: Cenk’s victims.

Sarah Palin Thinks Protesters Aren’t People? No, Cenk

We have to thank a few people for this, but you can get their details from this one source – of course the presentation here makes Cenk’s fuck up particularly hilarious, though sadly exposes the Regressive problem.

Thinks Palin’s “not peaceful” is “not people”, denies evidence “for any of this”, regarding cats by BLM .. for which there’s evidence … and has the nerve to question Palin’s self awareness.

[The video below has gone, but you can check out the details here: Cenk on Palin.]

A Teacher is Victim Blaming? No, Cenk

Another binary case were someone says one thing and TYT accuse them of saying the opposite. Here a teacher made these two points:

  • Rape victims are not to blame for being raped, the rapists are to blame
  • Rape victims need to be aware that there are rapists out there and should be aware they make themselves vulnerable.

Cenk and John even provide an example of car theft. Yes, it’s the thief’s fault. No, it’s not the victim’s fault. Yes, we should be allowed to leave our car unlocked. We are not to blame for the theft – but, John, Cenk, the insurance company will not pay out if you leave your car unlocked. We know that this is unfair. Life is unfair. We want to stop people thieving – but until we have the magic bullet they won’t, so we TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.

That’s all the teacher was saying, and was clear about it.

But by the magic of putting words into her mouth that she not only didn’t say, but expressly opposed, John and Cenk were ‘reading between the lines’. Fucking mind reading skills you would not believe. When they read between the lines they only hear the dumb little voices in their own heads.

Here’s more detail on that one: Cenk Uygur – Knucklehead Extraordinaire

Bill Maher Said ALL Muslims hold Pernicious Beliefs? No Cenk

This is another case of Cenk getting it totally upside down.

This goes back to the well documented Ben Affleck outrage, and Cenk’s total fuck up of the whole affair, his blow job on Reza Aslan live in interview, the abysmal failure to get what Harris was telling him in a three hour interview – it takes that long and Cenk still can’t hear what is being said because his tiny brain is running away with his own narrative on permanent rewind in his head.

One of the many cherries on the Cenk cake is this one, where he inverts the logic of a very simple statement by Maher:


Armenian Genocide Didn’t Happen? No, Cenk

For those that attend the Cenk School of Logic let me just clarify that heading (coz Cenkophiles don’t get double negatives): That it is not the case that the Armenian Genocide didn’t happen, means that it did.

This is a long running thing. Cenk, a Turk, named his show The Young Turks, who were engage in a genocide, of Armenians. It happened. There is evidence. Cenk denied it for years, on record.

Only recently has he back tracked – sort of. Despite years of making false claims about the history he now excuses himself as merely not being an expert on history.

Cenk Is Above Trump Level of Debate? No, Cenk

Cenk has always been keen to do mock outrage when his opponents go ape. But his own rage has been apparent on the show for some time.

Well, Alex Jones triggered Cenk in what Cenk sees as his safe space, in front of a cemera. Here’s the view from one of Jones’s team I think – it’s on Jones’s Youtube channel.

Wasn’t long ago Cenk was making fun of the muscle at Trump’s ralleys.

Not sure if Jones (another fool) was invited or not – but I doubt his presence was asked for at this moment, in an interview. Jones claims some TYT guy got them on the set, but it could well be a total set-up by Jones.

Again, it’s tempting to feel sorry for Cenk because he was so easily punk’d by Jones. But, again, nope, because Cenk is such a bully himself.

Here’s a still from the action, with a comment from Anna (who denounced fat shaming on another TYT show – couldn’t make this shit up and remain credible):


Another Alex Jones perspective:

Here’s the TYT perspective:

Cenk …

Nearly everything he [Roger Stone] has been proven to be a lie….

Cenk’s record on the truth is tarnished, so, while there’s truth in this statement it’s hardly one showing any self-awareness. And Anna goes on to explain how some news outlets will go to any low to get attention … errrr….

Cenk again …

his lackies, his loser, loser idiot lackies, yellin rape and terrorist etc., .. they can’t make a rational argument. That’s what an incredibly stupid person does, random insults, … oh, and not connected to anything in reason and logic…

Just realised he was describing Jones and crew not Cenk and crew? But, Cenk, check out your grasp of logic above.

Cenk again …

It’s not just Alex Jones or Roger Stone, all media has gotten to a point where bad behaviour is rewarded. You rip peoples’ face off on Twitter. lies, it doesn’t matter. … and the press reward it, “Oh look, this guy got band from Twitter, let’s make a big deal out of it.”

Only yesterday Cenk tweeted how he’d like to rip Trumps face off – politically of course – “just sayin'” Cenk spreads lies from old buddies CJ Werleman, and Reza Aslan to get a rise in viewers? Misrepresents and demonises, to get a rise in viewers. So, no, Cenk “I care about the American people” Uygur, you’re not the saviour of American decency in politics.

When you say something logical, nah, that’s boring, let’s cover some of the dumbest people …

First, if you just take a peek above Cenk, you’re not Mr Logic yourself, and you are on record spouting lies (hidden behind MAYBE, JUST SAYING, READING BETWEEN THE LINES). And your show lives off dumb people like Sarah Palin. You have someone on who you disagree with and they make logical points, nah, boring, YOU WANT TO NUKE MUSLIMS, DON’T YOU, ADMIT IT, JUST SAYING.

Cenk finishes with a flourish and actually makes some fair points about much of their coverage – I know Cenk wants to do good. But this regressive biased shit where you fail at listening, misrepresent, and go ape shit when your safe space is invaded, it makes a lot of the claims about other people look hypocritical to say the least.

Do You Possess Critical Self Awareness? No, Cenk

We’ve all seen Cenk ‘lose it’ on his show. And, if you watched the clips in the previous section on his bust up with Alex Jones, it makes this tweet from Cenk all the more ironic. He clearly doesn’t know himself as well as we know him, when it comes to his rage.

Note that he’s posting this AFTER his live spat with Jones.

I suppose, if we were charitable, we could pretend Cenk meant this as a funny self-reflective jibe. But then we ought to ask, would Cenk read so charitably in a similar situation? No. Cenk not only doesn’t read charitably, he reads ‘between the lines’ (hint: invents meaning, puts words in mouths that never said them).


Did You Represent D’Souza Honestly? No, Cenk

Here I go again, unbelievably defending Denesh D’Souza. But Cenk does exactly what he’s done with others – totally twists their words, misrepresents the balance of fact by ignoring the salient facts and screaming the obvious but less relevant facts.

This section became so long I gave it its own post. A more complete review of this ‘file’ on Cenk is posted here: Cenk Uygur Misrepresents D’Souza – To His Face

Here’s a summary of the main misrepresentations.

  • Cenk says D’Souza says: “black people should give white people reperations for liberating them
  • Cenk asks if D’Souza says: “they [black people] should be so happy about being liberated they should give white people money.”
  • Cenk wonders, aloud: “Hey, you guys wanna do a poll of African American people and ask them if they want to thank white people for slavery? How do you think that poll comes out Dinesh?
  • Cenk asserts that: D’Souza is using the Angry Black Man trope to make a book popular to white racists.

D’Souza calls him out on these and gives the detals of what he did say. He accused Cenk of misrepresentation.


Dinesh, if I did that behind your back, you might have a point, you’re here, you have a mike.

He didn’t just say that! He did, didn’t he? Fucking hell, he believes his own shit.

Cenk persistently does that behind peoples backs – in other words he rants and rages on TYT, echoing all the fucked up tripe that Glenn Greenwald, Reza Aslan, and fucking lying dim idiot CJ Werleman spew, and totally misrepresents people. He then has his target on his show, they explain very clearly what he gets wrong. Next show, he rants even louder about how they are still wrong.

Even when he has the evidence in fron to him, as for the Maher and Palin examples above, he still gets it wrong.

Even when D’Souza IS right there in front of him, with a microphone, Cenk still misrepresents him.

Here’s a key point: If that had been Cenk on TYT, without D’Souza there to deny any of this, the point would stand: “D’Souza says black people should give white people reparations, and thank them for freeing them from slavery.”

Cenk’s Dunning-Kruger Misfire on Dawkins

So funny. Took Cenk a while to pick up on this Dawkins tweet. Too busy with elections and fist fighting Alex Jones? Or just needed some time to come up with an ‘intelligent’ remark? Who knows.

Who’s doing the duthing of the protesting too much? Only Cenk’s a classic Greenwalder. Or, …

“You’ve been Uygured!” – Fuck! Sounds painful.

… see above.

You Report Fairly on Science? No, Cenk [2017-05-31]

The Young Turks are morons of the highest calibre who believe it would be a crime not to publish every thought that tumbles through their head. I have never made my views on them public before, but what they have published recently online pushed me over the edge.

This is at the top of a post The Young Turks are Morons of the Highest Calibre

It’s about the TYT video ‘Monsanto Giving People Cancer?’. I’ll leave the author of the article, Myles Power, to take you through the detail … a worthwhile read, with links to some The League of Nerds videos.

Do take a look at this particular take down of Cenk and Ana. Do watch the additional videos … for some actual reviews of the science rather than TYT’s conspiracy based nonsense.


Cenk has become a legend in his own mind. He still gets followers who must see these cock-ups, and the many tweets that point them out – and they still keep patting him on the back, and he retweets the backslapping.

He has on more than one occasion questioned the self-awareness – this is ironic in two ways:

  • He is totally unaware of how dumb he is, at the time he’s making these fails and accusing people of being non-self-aware.
  • When he is regularly made aware of how dumb he is, but still remains in denial about it.

I suspect I’ll have to update this page now and again as new examples come along.

Here’s one thing I regret about all this. As with many regressives and social justice warriors they have some basic causes that the rest of us people of reason and evidnece agree with. The problem is that idiots like Cenk blow these reasonable causes right out of the water by their excesses and lies.

And then there’s Wolf-Pac – a reasonable attempt to improve politics in the US, initiated by Cenk. Totally side-tracked because of all this idiocy he engages in.

3 thoughts on “The Cenk Uygur Files

    1. Hi Roger, thanks.

      I don’t listen either. It’s not like it’s totally hopeless, it’s more that I can’t watch without now wondering how they might have distorted everyone they comment on – I can’t trust them any more, even though some of their reports might be spot on.

      I now see them only when someone else is ripping Cenk a new one.

  1. Good stuff man, this will be online forever and that fat genocide denying bastard can’t do sheeeit.

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