The Loony Left Will Lose Violently

Dan Arel has been endorsing street violence. Supposedly only against Nazis, but when you can put that label on anyone you disagree with, turns out there are a lot of non-Nazi Nazis. And, street violence is a Nazi thing, so … think it through.

While opposing the reprehensible white separatists Spencer, and the clown Milo, Dan has very much been an anti-free speech loon, and is himself pro-violence. Dan’s moral position is lost, in a democarcy. Violence is what we’re supposed to be against.

But there is a practical issue for Dan and SJWs generally to consider. Anyone that thinks the sucker punch on Spencer and the Berkley ‘riot’ are good ideas going forward is mistaken.

Trump currently runs a conservative state, with many highly weaponised police, and a military. Hint:


And a big portion of the Trump supporting public see themselves as a ‘malitia’, including many vets with guns, and with the NRA on their side.

So, really? You think it’s a good idea to promote street violence? You make yourselves look like Nazis, and you think that’s smart? You know who else tried to go up against the far-right, and lost? Communists against the far-right Nazis in 1930s Germany. Marxists against far-right Mullahs in the 1970s.

“The Soviet Union won WWII!” They didn’t, but perhaps it couldn’t have been won without them. Don’t forget it started so easily because of them and the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, where the Soviets and Nazis were happy to carve up Europe between them. The left like to glorify the Soviet part in WWII, but the Soviets colluded with Hitler, and were losing to him when he turned on them. Had the West you often label as fascist left them to it, many more Russians would have died, and perhaps Hitler would have beaten the Communist suckers again.

“We defeated the Nazis before!” Mmmm, but a lot of the guys that defeated the Nazis didn’t do it with placards and the odd sucker punch. There are some seriously fit and beefy killing machines in the military (no offence, but I think some are pretty proud of their capabilites).

“Remember what we achieved the sixties!” Well them conservatives love their freedom. This isn’t about Vietnam, this is about their Homeland.

It would be the biggest damned mistake the Left in the US could make, to start endorsing violence.

I’m really not sure why AntiFa think they have anything like the capacity to win in the street wars, when not on Berkeley Campus and other places where the local police are told to stand down.

The weedy alt-right are no better than AntiFa. If they keep on this track and the west does actually descend into anarchy, it won’t be their sorry little asses that win the day, but some far-right, far-left, or theocratic thugs that will rule, and these pussies will be first to the wall.

The real far-right in the USA has been pretty subdued since WWII – the marching Nazis have been laughed off the streets where they have shown themselves openly. The eductation system has been resolutely liberal. The violent left is emboldening the far-right, “If they can do it, so can we.” And the swing to the loony left in education is not helping – more right-wing home indoctrination begins to look a sensible alternative for many religious conservatives.

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