Yvette Felarca – By Any Means Fascistic

You’ve seen Berkely burning. Yvette Felarca, a leader in the group By Any Means Necessary, has no regrets about what happened.

Here’s her interview on KTVU.

Apparently Milo is …

  • a fascist
  • a white supremacist
  • he was on the UC Berkeley campus to recruit more fascists
  • to wage attacks on Muslim students, immigrant students, women and trans students

He’s not a fascist. Nor a white supremacist. He wasn’t there to recruit fascists – he’s actually there to indulge his non-fascistic personal narcissism, and to troll left wing idiocy. He does not wage a war on Muslim students – he opposes Islam, as many atheists do, but his only ‘attacks’ on Muslim students amount to little more than giving them a say when they turn up to protest. Watch his videos, he lets them speak. He knows full well he can refute their false charges against him and beat them on the matter of freedom and free expression, which their religion tolerates little of.

This isn’t a question of violent versus peaceful protest. It was a mass protest, a militant protest. Everyone was there to shut him down. Whatever it was going to take to do that we were there with a united cause. The left has been far too timid for far too long …

Well, the left has been too timid when it comes to Islamofascism. How come that brand of fascism isn’t challenged?

… where we even have someone like Donald Trump leading a fascist movement as President of the United States.

We need to make sure we have more mass protests and more militant protests that are mass and militant

These are just people putting forward ideas. There’s white supremacists who have already murdered six Muslims just five days ago.

Not all Muslims should be tainted by the actions of ISIS that follow the Islamic texts literally, but, it seems, anyone on the right can be treated as if they are aligned with the white supremacist that killed those Muslims? Reason isn’t Yvette’s strong suit – a pity really, given she’s a teacher.

We have a right to defend ourselves. No only a right, we have an obligation to do that. Not just for each other but for our community.

So, very much ‘us against them‘, the labelling of ‘the other‘, the demonisation without evidence, the preemptive violence … everything about the BAMN movement is fascistic.

Everyone out there that is angry and scared …

Hold on a minute; I thought Trump came to power because people were angry and scared. This is the heady cocktail of hate that the left have been attributing to Trump supporters, and here’s Yvette explaining that this is also why she engages in violence.

It (Berkley events) was a people fighting united in a mass effort and a united effort and by any means necessary.

It’s nice to know she speaks for mass in attendance, including those that chose to distance themselves from the violence of the AntiFa BAMN group. I mean, that sounds fair, since according to her, the white supremacist that attacked the mosque was speaking for Milo, right? And Milo speaks for him I guess. This BAMN narrative is idiotic.

Chancellor Hitler of Berkeley [SORRY, Dirks, his name is Dirks, I misheared her] is responsible for anything that happened. If the business community is upset they should join the professors and students and community members who are demanding that Dirk step down immediately, because he had a chance to cancel the event and make sure it didn’t happen. There were hundreds of prfoessors who demanded that, for safety reasons. He didn’t listen.

So, thuggish tactics are used to put pressure on the administration to comply with the demands of BAMN, or else, risk violence? Nazi. Yes, that’s what a Nazi does.

And there are hundreds of students and professors that support her? Would that include the Alumni donors threatening to withdraw support? Or the professors, students and local people that she doesn’t speak for …

Yvette Speaks for Berkeley?

I see she’s speaking on behalf of others whether they like it or not …

… and it seems many don’t like it.

Rage against Yvette Felarca mounts after Fox News interview

From that article …

The phones, voicemail machines and email inboxes at the Berkeley Unified School District have been flooded with calls about Felarca, said Charles Burress, spokesman for the district. The main office of Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, where Felarca teaches, has been swamped as well. (Berkeleyside has also gotten many emails, tweets and comments on the matter.) “Every (message) I’ve seen has been opposed to having her employed by us,” said Burress.

A petition calling for her removal from BUSD garnered 2,000 signatures overnight, almost four times as many as had been collected in the last six months. (That number had gone over 4,000 by Wednesday.) A former King student set up the online petition at Change.org in July after he saw a video of Felarca yelling at a neo-Nazi at a Sacramento rally. On the video, Felarca is seen punching the man in his face, yelling “Get the fuck off our streets,” then punching him several times in the stomach and pulling his backpack. Felarca was later injured in the melée.


Felarca’s remarks prompted an outpouring of outrage on Twitter and on the YouTube channel featuring the interview, as well as directed to the school district. Critics have tweeted “Let’s riot at her house,” and then published her home address. (An incorrect address, by the way.) They have listed the phone number for BUSD. They have written that Felarca should be waterboarded and arrested.


The school district issued a statement Wednesday from Ty Alper, the board president. He said the district could not respond to questions about whether Felarca would be reprimanded for her actions because it is a personnel matter. BUSD believes in the right of free speech, said Alper.

“It is important to emphasize that we firmly support the First Amendment right to free speech,” Alper said in the statement. “We also strongly condemn the use of violence in confronting speech, even speech we might find abhorrent or counter to the values of our community.”

Oh, so she gets the right to express her views. That’s OK then.

The Terrorist Has No Regrets

I’m sure Yvette won’t be deterred by the inconvenience. She goes on to state her position.

A few broken windows is nothing compared to the lives that are at stake.

Where were their violent protests saving lives in other cases? Why aren’t they protesting FGM in America? Why aren’t they labelling all Muslims as terrorists the way they are labelling anyone on the right a fascist? Hypocrites, fighting a political agenda with violence because they can’t get their own way by persuading people at the ballot box.

If that’s what it takes to make sure more people don’t get targeted; if that’s what it takes to make sure Milo or another white supremacist is not welcome or allowed to come to UC Berkely and attack our community then good, let’s make sure then that doesn’t happen in the future.

This is slander. Milo is not a white supremacist.

We need to draw lessons from this, and build and build even stronger, how we can make sure we build the movement, and also that we continue to organise, because it’s not spontaneous, this is about organising and fighting by any means necessary.

You know what this is? It’s actually conspiratorial violence. This is anarchy aimed at the state. Let’s turn it up to eleven, the way Yvette does: this is terrorism! It is the intentional use of violence against individuals and communities to pressure them through the use of fear.

Yvette Felarca is a terrorist in plain sight. #SocialTerrorism

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