Dan Arel Piece of Shit

[Update: Dan Arel is a coward that won’t stand by his own words. He has removed the tweets below. You might think he simply had a timeout. I think he’s erased his inconvenient history. How very Communist of him.]

Dan has been accused of labelling people a Nazi all too easily. That’s not fair. “piece of shit” is also a favourite label, which I discovered while looking for a tweet in which he called someone a piece of shit, for another post.

I’m not suggesting for one minute that Dan Arel is a piece of shit. I’m just admiring what Dan can do in 140 characters with a piece of shit … this might become a little repetative.


Not a fan of Islam then. Nor am I.


Actually GSpellchecker was simply pointing out Dan’s Nazi fetish, he wasn’t objecting to the joke as such.


And you wonder why identity labelling so quickly loses its capacity for nuance and distinction. This is why the left loses touch and ends up in an echo chamber, repeating and exaggerating smears that they haven’t checked out for themselves.


I think we might have hit on Dan’s problem here. I’m not sure he realises how much ill he does wish on people. Delusional niceness.


Succinct start, but had to say more.


He sure did. Triple tap: felon, defender of sexual abusers, piece of shit. Poor Dinesh. I disagree with his politics and religion, but I like him.


Has Dan gone into a self-recriminating recursive loop on this one?


I thought I was already looking at a parody account.


What if they’re Nazi women, Dan? What if they’re Nazis! You’re an apologists for Nazi women you piece of shit! There’s no excuse for not punching Nazis, just because they’re women! …. ugh, sorry, I was sort of hypnotised there for a minute. Please, excuse me, I’m just a piece of shit.


What? Is any one safe?


Dan could save a lot of time if he made this his pinned tweet.

I wonder if ‘Nazi’ and ‘piece of shit’ are Dan’s Tourette’s.

For more …

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