Psychology Today

This is a list of my posts about the online psyche rag Psychology Today. It presents itself as a respectible source.

Psychology Today is devoted exclusively to everybody’s favorite subject: Ourselves.

I’ve found this (‘ourselves’) to be no more true that for some of the narcisistic self serving people associated with that site that engage in comment doctoring that would have them thrown out of most professions.

At the moment I don’t know who is doing the doctoring. It looks suspisciously like the author of the piece, but may be an editor, or a policy of the rag.

This is on top of the fact that the rag contains the most outrageously unscientific bull shit from some authors.

The pity is that I know that there are some authors of sections of the site that would not stand for that in theor own work.

Here’s a list of my posts about authors and posts on that site.

Junk Science

Biocentrism – How life and consciousness are the keys to the universe? – This is a post about Robert Lanza’s nonsense on BioCentrism. Comments were doctored, as explained in the next section.

Doctored Comments

Unfortunately for me I haven’t yet moved in to Full Distrust mode where I record, save, archive, every damned thing on a page before, durig and after I comment. Unfortunately for the culprits at the very least I have email records of their comments that are doctored, and I keep a record of my comments before I post. I have the evidence.

Deleted Comment On Robert Lanza Nonsense – Sadly this was an early instance where I didn’t even keep my email records. The main problem here was simply the removal of my comments.

Doctored Comments On Paul Bloom Misrepresented – Nasty regressive misrepresentation toned down by doctoring comments, after calling it out. This post contains copies of comments. Try this, for a TL;DR version.