Justin Welby Likes To Torture Sick People?

And here we go with another religious justification for torturing people, from Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

Of course he doesn’t like to torture sick people, or to use his religious belief to justify such torture. I thought, well, if he’s prepared to use ridiculous rhetoric to make his case, I might too. But then I thought again, Continue reading “Justin Welby Likes To Torture Sick People?”

The ABC Of Putting Your Foot In It

Lot’s of coverage of ate ABC’s comments this week. I think Julian Baggini got it wrong on this one. Funny comment though, “People often say how intelligent Williams is, but I think they confuse intelligence with being thoughtful, well-intentioned and in possession of a fine beard.” You can imagine Blackadder delivering such a cutting line, which is coincidental since Sky News attributed the ABC’s comments to Rowan Atkinson (ht:The News Quiz).

Most of the other contributors on the Baggini blog topic made the case well enough.