Analogies Misunderstood – The Pope and Hitler, and Others

There’s a common use of analogies as counter examples to some claim, that appear quite often on Twitter, but which are immediately misunderstood by one’s interlocutor.

You’re saying the Pope is equivalent to Hitler! How dare you compare them!

Here’s what happens …
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God and Analogies

On Stephen Law’s Blog he posted a response to his The Jesus Light, by Sebastian*: Jesus Light Switched Back On. This bugged me a little, so I had to get this off my chest.

Analogy – Helpful in the explanation of point A in terms of point B, where A is the subject being explained, and B is a more commonly understood point. But the use of an analogy, however effective, does not provide proof of the correctness or truth of the original point A; or even evidence for it. Analogies can often sound good but can be way off the mark.
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