Empiricism, Materialism, Physicalism avoiding Solipsism

Great post on Reductionism over at Emil’s blog.

I wanted to respond to comments there by Peter and Brendan, and give my perspective on their points about solipsism, materialism, science, and how it all fits together for me. Turned out to be a long comment, so I thought I’d better post it here rather than intrude too much and go too far off-topic on Emil’s post. I’ve covered most of this before – links included below.

Peter asks, “How can anyone be sure that what they are experiencing, … In other words, what reason is there for me to refrain from becoming a committed solipsist?”

I’d say nothing is stopping you. I agree with Emil’s take on solipsism and other rationalist philosophies. But my personal perspective is that it boils down to a rational choice. Considering just solipsism v materialism, to some extent the choice is arbitrary. You could ask what the consequences would be in each case, comparing what is the case with what you think is the case:

1) Solipsism holds, and I choose to believe in solipsism. I’m not sure what I learn from this. It seems that I imagine the world, including you and this conversation. I acknowledge that it might be you that’s imagining me as part of your solipsistic experience, so that I’m a figment of your imagination. What I feel is me thinking is actually you thinking the thoughts in some subset of your solipsist consciousness. How do we tell which is which? Do we have any control over this? Instead of being a mind that imagines being a material life form on an imagined material earth, can I choose to switch arbitrarily to become a life form on the surface of the sun? I seem to be limited to imagine only the earthly being I appear to be. What if I walk in front of a bus. It’s only imagined, so will I simply continue as if I hadn’t? Our (mine or yours) solipsist experience seems to be limited by what seems like a material reality.

2) Solipsism holds, and I choose to believe in materialism. I can’t distinguish what actually happens here from (1), except perhaps I suffer less anguish over whether I am a constrained mind. Though I am a solipsist mind, I go along with the material illusion. Consequences?

3) Materialism holds, I believe in solipsism. Again, I’m not sure what the outcome might be. I could conceivably die trying to test my solipsist existence by attempting to defy gravity; or maybe I pick a fight in a dark alley somewhere. I’m not sure how I’d distinguish my mental experience here from being absorbed in a gaming system as some avatar. The physical reality might soon make itself known to my mental experience.

4) Materialism holds, I believe in materialism. No problem. Business as usual trying to figure out how all this works.

In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter if you choose solipsism. You have to do an awful lot of work to get anywhere it seems with solipsism other rationalisms, idealism, transcendence or theism. Lots of inner contemplation, meditation and maybe praying. But it seems you still need to eat. It is sometimes claimed by theists that there are no atheists in foxholes. This is clearly untrue. I’m much more convinced that there are no solipsists at lunch time.

I don’t know any committed solipsists. If I did it might be worth a charge of assault to punch one on the nose. Dr Johnson’s “I refute it thus”, while not an actual logical refutation, I do find his kicking a rock is still pretty convincing. Peter, if you’re visiting this post, do you actually know any committed solipsists yourself? Are you personally persuaded? Your answers might in part answer your own original question.

My route from Cartesian doubt to empiricism, avoiding solipsism, is here and here. The material world is so persistently in-your-face. It seems more productive to try to understand it rather than persist too much with deep scepticism about it. If it turns out that I’m wrong and that I am a solipsist mind then I just hope it comes out in the wash. In the meantime I’ll enjoy that lunch.

Once you choose to accept materialism a lot of consequences follow.

Science (evolution, biology, etc.) tells us we are physical systems no different from the rest of the material world. We are just made up of stuff in some complex way, as Emil describes well as reductionism. From evolution and biology we learn we evolved from animals with much less capable brains, and even from animals with no brain at all.

Our ancestors were very clearly interacting with the rest of the world, of which they were simply components. This interaction was physical, chemical, electromagnetic: when microbes touch there is a greater or lesser degree of chemical interaction as their outer cells come into contact, with electromagnetic interaction of the individual atoms and molecules (the machinary of chemistry). This in turn caused physical and chemical reactions within the bodies, to greater or lesser extent: the touching body is an obstacle, food, or predator.

Neurons and simple nervous systems that don’t fit our loose definition of consciousness are owned by animals that interact with the environment with a greater degree of autonomous control. Memory becomes possible. See Kandel on Aplesia and other sources. More complex brains do more complex stuff, have more complex memories, can predict more about the environment, even if not consciously: a cheetah tracking prey that is trying to evade it.

Sadly we don’t have access to our ancestors in the process of becoming conscious as we are. But it’s not too much of a stretch to infer the following.

The lighting up of human consciousness may have been quick or slow, in terms of evolution, and in terms of generations – we don’t have the details. The species distinction doesn’t really matter here: in the trail back through our ancestors there is no point, we think, where a daughter is not of the same species as the mother; and yet, if these various ancestors could be brought together, they would be classed as one or more species different from us and each other.

As an analogy for the onset of human consciousness and self-awareness take an infant. It’s not clear that a new born has much of a conscious cognitive life. It can certainly respond with basic consciousness, as much as some animals can, but less than some adult animals. Do you remember your early infancy, your birth? Conscious self-awareness seems to creep up on us; and more advanced cognition comes from the physical experiencing development of the brain: learning. It’s hard to look back as an individual, and as a species, to see and acknowledge how conscious self-awareness emerged. There is a gap, and we have had the tendency to fill it with a soul of one sort or another. I feel this gap contributes to our special respect for our conscious mind, and our deification of it – at least to the extent that we think it a spark provided by a deity.

Then there is the physical sensibility of the brain, or lack of it. Though the brain can sense the outside world and something of the inner body, through sight, hearing, touch and the other senses, the brain can’t actually feel itself in the same way. There is no sense in which the brain ‘feels’ its neurons working away, as it can feel an arm moving or touching something. Introspection seems to stop at the mushy level of concepts, thoughts, internal images and sounds – but it can’t locate them. Do you feel neurons flashing in Broca’s area and Wernicke’s as you form and interpret speech? Can you feel in your brain where the concept, the thought, the conjured image of your grandmother is located? No, but neuroscientists can detect at least some of the neurons that are associated with that sort of perception (a summary article, a particular article, recent paper from Quiroga himself).

Our working brain, our conscious selves that are self-aware are only remotely self-aware. Our introspective brains build a vague concept of self the way they build vague concepts of anything else. Our brains even build a concept of mind. And it’s a detached mind, it appears, because of these limitations on our introspective capabilities. This is the nature of the illusion of consciousness. Yes we have consciousness, we experience it. The illusion is that the conscious self is a mind detached from the physical brain: dualism.

Emil said, “Dualism may represent the majority of the population, but certainly not the majority among scientists or philosophers.” I would be more inclined to say the among scientists or philosophers most are non-dualists, intellectually, but, as with visual illusions, none of us can overcome the mental illusion as we go about our daily lives – we feel like free-thinking minds somehow embodied yet not quite part of the furniture. We feel like dualists.

On top of this there is a massive cultural history from philosophy and theology that has constructed quite a different story; one in which the mind does exist as a separate special non-material entity, a soul in some stories. These are excusable stories from an excusably ignorant past. The excuse is wearing thin.

This ancient perspective, which still exists, mainly with theologians, but also with philosophers, particularly those that don’t follow neuroscience, biology generally, or evolution, is what I refer to as the problem of The Primacy of Thought – where they feel that our primary source of knowledge is our conscious mind. I agree that we perceive the world through our minds, but the evolutionary evidence is that we are primarily experiential animals with a brain upgrade that enables us to reason (an interesting process in itself). We and our world are physical, and even though our mental experience of that world goes on in the mind, that mind itself is actually the busy active dynamic brain.

We can infer all this empirically from what we know from science. We can’t prove it logically to the satisfaction of pernickety philosophers, but it’s a more fitting explanation that any fanciful philosophical ideas. All the evidence is not in yet. The hard problem of consciousness remains in the mind (brains) of many philosophers, and particularly theologians who desperately want there to be a soul. It’s not a complete story by any means.

It’s even a bit of a just-so story, though one that is consistent with all existing evidence. I’m sure philosophers that don’t like it would be quick to point that out. But it’s a damned site better than any other on offer, better than any theology or any of the non-materialist philosophies.

And of course, being an empirical perspective on materialism it not only all holds together, it is also open to adaptation in the face of new evidence. Even while waiting for more concrete evidence of physicalist accounts of consciousness all we would need to drop the idea would be some counter evidence. I don’t see any. Not a bit.

Personally I think the evidence is overwhelming already. As Emil puts it, “If you pay attention to the history of neuroscience, you would understand why physicalism has conclusively won the argument … “. Really, start looking at the evidence. Look at all the examples of how changes to the brain, drug induced or physical, including intercranial (open skull) probe sensing, and stimulation, show a direct cause and effect relationship between the physical brain and conscious experience.

7 thoughts on “Empiricism, Materialism, Physicalism avoiding Solipsism

  1. Great article but I could not help but knit pick your statement “it boils down to a rational choice.” The issue with this is that reductionism and no causal free will go hand in hand. So this takes away the ability to rationalise.

    As C.S. Lewis argues in his “Appeal to Reason” such logic denies the very means on which to validate truth assertions – is essence we would have no way or means of knowing anything.

    1. Hi B Baber,


      Any appeal to reason is of course dependent on reason at least being possible. There are two issues: whether reason is possible in principle, that is whether logic applies at all; and how good humans are at it. The whole of the above is within the context that reason and experience, the framework within which the rationalist v materialist debate lies, actually do apply. Within that context we find humans are not too bad at reason, but really need evidence to back it up. There are countless imaginative ideas on the table for human consumption: all the religions and philosophies ever dreamed up. But when it boils down to it they never predict with any fidelity what science ends up discovering. Fact is stranger than fiction, and, until evidenced, fiction is what most philosophies and theologies are.

      The problem of what we do if logic does not apply, applies to all of us, and therefore even to statements by C. S. Lewis. Lewis can then make any statement he likes, and by his own criticism it means nothing. There is a tendency for the religious and the rationalists to a bit easy with their scepticism when applying it to their own positions. The theologians particularly seem to pluck God from thin air, after making the point that any scientific evidence that there is any air at all is on dubious logical grounds.

      If I could suggests this set of posts: https://ronmurp.net/thinking/. You’ll see that in my opinion the materialist physicalist point of few is contingent and uncertain, but no less useful for that. It works. It explains all the hocus pocus as fallible ideas in mushy physical brains, and has lots of consistent evidence to back it up. Yes, it’s all internally consistent and does not have any rock solid premised absolutely certain and sound irrefutable argument at its disposal. But then neither does any other world view; and they all don’t have the benefit of evidence either.

      1. Thanks for the reply Ron but I would tend to disagree with the statement

        “But when it boils down to it they never predict with any fidelity what science ends up discovering” I could be cheeky and state every major discovery in Science has been falsified and replaced with a new theory

        I have no idea how mathematical symbols originate from the brain and play a part in flying men to the moon however I do know I have never observed or measured the no 42 flying through the air, but I do believe it exists for some purpose 🙂

        Much of modern physics owes itself to philosophical thought experiments and I dare say throw a few Ancient Greeks in, we have a good solid foundation for the philosopher Karl Popper to develop the philosophy of Science and the scientific method (albeit with a few important presuppositions regarding reality).

        You are correct re: CS Lewis. The Argument from Reason is subject to his own argument however the same can be said for Sam Harris and his statements about the illusion of reality. So the illusions are not subjet to illusionary influence?

        What I do see in a lot of discussion (present company excluded) is the use of Science to define a reality and to emerge outside its epistemological boundaries without acknowledgement of its own presuppositions and assumptions.

  2. Science is all contingent, and based on evidence. So, yes, in a sense we expect all scientific detail to be susceptible to review and change. But mostly it’s about refinement. It’s the avoidance of dogma. Sure, every generation sees some old scientist or other defending beyond reason his well-established but now discarded theory – but scientists are human too. And that’s one of the benefits of science: its methods, in the long term, overcome short term fallibilities. So, your cheeky point is actually illustrating the good in science: its adaptability to new evidence. After all, if humanity knew everything of the bat there’d be perfect knowledge, no doubt about anything, nothing to learn, and only one true religion instead of the countless number we’ve had.

    The relationship of number and other maths to human understanding is a tricky one. But if it’s so tricky how can you say, “but I do believe it exists for some purpose”? By what means do you know that?

    A thought experiment is only a means of toying with ideas in one’s head in order to get to grips with some concept that one doesn’t yet understand, to, like analogy and metaphor, to explain something unfamiliar in terms of something more familiar or easier to understand. Thought experiments are experiments. Perhaps on some occasions they contribute to the scientist coming to a solution sooner than if he had not used them. But this is all really tricky psychological ground worthy of empirical investigation in its own right. Thought experiments aren’t really experiments. Many philosophical ones are atrocious at revealing anything useful. Take the Mary Colour Scientists thought experiment. Hopeless.

    The useful philosophical thought experiments that have contributed to science have tended to be had by scientists. Perhaps I’m being too quick with that one. Could you give any good examples of where a philosopher has had a thought experiment that has resulted in some useful discovery?

    “So the illusions are not subject to illusionary influence?” – Maybe. But then all roads lead to Solipsism.

    What I see is a lot of scientists taking it as read that their science is contingent. If you hear them talk about a ‘solid fact’ or something being ‘proved’ scientifically then all the one’s I’ve seen challenged immediately say, well of course it’s all contingent, and not these facts and proofs aren’t absolute in any sense. What they generally mean is that the evidence, say, for example, that supporting Evolution, is so vast and comprehensibly consistent that it currently seems inconceivable that it could be refuted. And this point is usually made in opposition to some wishy-washy alternative means that it is effectively proved. Not logically sound, because a sound argument depends on true premises, and in the regressive search for ever deeper supporting premises we hit epistemological uncertainty pretty quickly.

    The other thing I see is science opponents making out as if I scientists means logically and absolutely proved, when the scientists means no such thing. But, like all other human activities, there are probably some scientists that do indeed make that mistake. But who is this unfortunately philosophically mistaken ‘scientist’? He is never produced by these opponents of science. Instead they imply, or sometimes even state, that this scientist is Dawkins, Harris, Krauss, or any of the many who are quite happy with the uncertainty in science.

    This video starts with Michael Nugent making the case about a similar dispute, about the arrogance of atheism; though the same argument is often made about science: http://youtu.be/fJzMAMXLhGM



      Electro-magnetic imprint of DNA goes with you in the death transition! Multi-life
      history/experiences in DNA! Unseen IMPERISHABLE “bodies” in aura? Brain is not the mind! Mind based upon mental (or reasoning) body of aura! Mind goes with you in death!!

      Note: I lost both of my parents at their early age of 57. This caused me to launch a part-time
      fifty year study of “what comes next after death?” Topics I researched were such as
      the Mother Mary apparitions, a variety of religion beliefs other than my former Catholic (though still Christian), atheists’ rationale, the paranormal, quantum physics, astronomy, biology, genomics, messages from the afterlife, instrumental transcommunication (ITC) via tapes & TV, UFO objectives, and extraterrestrial messages, trying to find out answers, primarily thru books, science magazines, and numerous websites, obviously with a very open mind.

      I was particularly interested in answering this QUESTION: How can it be that it is possible to
      contact afterdeath personalities as if they were still of full mental capability — via paranormal
      MEDIUMS, or even by special ITC electronic communications, as has been demonstrated
      repeatedly? As a retired engineer/executive, I needed to understand exactly HOW
      “mechanically”or structurally this could be possible. I FOUND THE ANSWER:
      Electromagnetic/energetic version of DNA — and unseen IMPERISHABLE body aura containing
      the mind — go with you in death transition!!

      Two books in particular provided key answers, and both were most believable due to being very
      comprehensive and “scientific” though not related to much of Christian/Judeo training. Below I
      have compiled short summaries and excerpts for your possible interest. Also, a short list of books
      that reinforced these two. I hope you will keep an open mind in reading them. An old Chinese
      proverb states: “A mind is like a parachute. It only functions when it is OPEN.”

      To summarize the first book, a dictation by a benevolent extraterrestrial group Guardian Alliance,
      it teaches SCIENTIFIC EVOLVEMENT: 1) Your electro-magnetic or energetic version of DNA
      goes with you in the death transition. 2) you will reincarnate repeatedly and the DNA holds your personal multi-life history and experience. 3) Your invisible aura is the source/basis of your mind and morphogenetic fields for holding patterns, etc. 4) Your consciousness will next progress
      eventually through fifteen dimensions toward “nirvana” perfection, currently being in the third.
      All other dimensions are unseen and have different vibrational frequencies and atomic
      configurations. 5) After incarnation as the Buddha, Christ came to us as a teacher from the twelfth or higher dimension. 6) God is the Universe Prime Creator/Force/Source — and not the god Yahweh of the Old Testament who was an Ancient Astronaut to Earth.

      As dictated by Ascended Masters, key messages in the second book were: 1) There are other
      unseen IMPERISHABLE “bodies” around the physical one in an aura (Note: As seen by
      Kirlian/GDV photography, see Wikipedia re: the paranormal aura). Key bodies are the astral, the
      mental (or reasoning), the etheric, among several others. 2) THE BRAIN IS NOT THE MIND. The mental body is the basis/source of the mind. 3) All these “bodies” go with you in the death transition,
      especially including the mind. 4) In the next step, all these bodies and DNA will proceed with
      you into the astral plane or dimension. 5) do not fear death as it is merely a transition to another
      See the more detailed excerpts below. Also, a short list of other reinforcing books. To me, these
      were “startling” concepts, but comforting in their believability as they “fit” based on other related

      There does need to be more scientific research especially on 1) electromagnetic/energetic &
      biophotonic properties of DNA, and 2) functions of the aura (or bio-energy field)! Russian and
      German scientific researchers are “on track” to one day scientifically prove life continues after
      death. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp and son Jurgen at University of Marburg, Germany continue early
      work on electromagnetic aspects/versions of DNA and cell biophotonics as members of the Int’l
      Institute of Biophysics, and among others, Dr. Peter Geriaev in Russia with a breakthrough in
      biophotonic electromagnetic DNA termed Wave Genetics or bioholography. This energetic/biophotonic research will radically transform genetic science, currently based on bio-chemicals. And, Dr. Konstantin Korotov, Director at the St Petersburg State Tech University, who concentrates on aura (or bioenergy field) research as Founder/President of the International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography, has actually produced early Kirilian/GDV photographs which may be of the “soul” or aura leaving dying human bodies. American research on these two “niches” appears to be more modest, especially on the aura as mainstream scientists refrain from it due to its Indian paranormal history. Also, “materialist” brain researchers continue to believe that the source of the mind MUST be someplace in the brain or physical body. Plus, narrowly educated atheists do not believe in any perceived afterlife.

      Book #1. Source: “Voyagers” Volumes I & II — by ASHAYANA DEANE(Anna Hayes)
      For details see Chapters on Ascension Mechanics & DNA. Available from Amazon.com,
      Volume I and 2nd Edition Vol. II 583 pages. Also includes information on Earth history and quantaum physics.

      “At the death of the physical body, you will discover that your consciousness lives on and your
      evolution continues.
      “Ascension is not some lofty spiritual concept designed by the minds of man, it is the literal,
      tangible scientific process of the evolution of consciousness and biology with the laws of energy
      mechanics that apply to a multidimensional reality system. All souls will eventually evolve and
      ascend through a 15 dimensional scale to re-emerge as sentient identity within realms of pure
      consciousness beyond the dimensional systems. Whether or not you view ascension and
      multidimensional evolution as a reality while you are alive on Earth, you will be directly faced
      with that reality once your consciousness has passed out of physical life and into the
      multidimensional framework. How well you prepare for that discovery now will determine the
      ease with which you are able to take your next evolutionary step once you “wake up on the other
      “The term “Ascension” represents much more than some lofty spiritual concept invented by the
      finite human psyche in order to give purpose to its finite existence. Many in the earthly scientific
      communities believe that life is limited to the physical expression and that consciousness is the
      result of the body’s biochemical/neuro-electrical functions. Following these erroneous beliefs
      they draw an equally erroneous conclusion that consciousness ends at the death of the physical
      body. Consequently, human science will be confronted with a whole new order of
      multidimensional reality and a whole new science.
      “The process of ascension is not some quasi-religious concept based upon the meandering of the
      human mind. Ascension is instead a highly SCIENTIFIC process that represents the universal
      order through which consciousness experiences itself as being. Ascension also involves the
      understanding of morphogenetic fields or the form holding energy constructions that allow
      matter to build into individuated forms. Ascension therefore is a science with specific mechanics
      that allow for the evolution of consciousness from simple to more complex forms. Every being
      in existence is involved in this evolutionary process and applies to each and every one of you.
      The choices one makes in thought and deed will determine the quality of experience, or lack
      thereof, that will be personally encountered.
      “DNA is built upon minute electro-tonal (i.e., multi octave) patterns of multidimensional
      frequency and the energetic imprint of the DNA goes with you in the death transition. The
      content of that pattern will determine how high your consciousness will be able to travel
      (progress) in the system once it is released from the body. Whatever frequencies are contained
      within that imprint will determine the specific dimensional placement after death.
      “This “system” blueprint has called your races forward toward an unseen destiny which is the
      return of immortality and the (eventual) reunion of the consciousness of man with its Prime
      Creative Source. In terms of the soul’s perspective, the challenges and hardships faced along the
      way in Earth life are understood to be lessons in growth as human consciousness evolves to
      remember the truth of its eternal existence and embrace the beauty of its multidimensional
      identity. From the perspective of a human consciousness focused within a physical body on
      Earth, those challenges can seem, at times, overwhelming. Without consciousness recognition of
      the purposes, processes and objectives of the evolutionary plan, the hardships can appear to be
      unbearable and without meaning.
      “All human souls are involved with the exact same process of evolving the genetic “package”
      and the consciousness to higher dimensional levels; some souls are just further along in this
      journey. This is a process by which the life forms evolve through matter particles and antiparticles
      upward through the 15 dimensional scale, from dense matter solidity to pure, nonmattered-
      based conscious energy substance.
      “All dimensions exist in the same space, but seem to operate separately due to the particle
      pulsation rates of which they are composed. The degree of angular rotation of particle spin shifts
      90 degrees from one dimension to the next while remaining invisible to each other. In the
      universe there are 15 primary dimensional bands. Dimensional frequency bands group in sets of
      3 and each set of three dimensions represents a Harmonic Universe. Thus there are five
      Harmonic Universes within one (overall) dimensional Universe. The degree of angular rotation
      of particle spin shifts 90 degrees from one dimension to the next within one Harmonic Universe.
      In each Harmonic Universe containing three dimensions, there are two 90 degree shifts of the
      angular rotation of spin between particles. Between one Harmonic Universe and the next there is
      a 45 degree reverse angular rotation of particle spin. This 45 degree reverse angular rotation of
      particle spin creates a Magnetic Repulsion Zone, or void between Harmonic Universes, which
      keeps the reality fields contained there within separated from each other. Through this structure
      of relative angular rotations of particle spin, the holographic illusions of multidimensional
      reality, matter, time, space, movement and individuation of form are perpetually created and
      sustained. Entities existing below the 7th dimension possess physical biological forms.
      Dimensions 7 through 9 possess the etheric matter form.
      “All matter forms and forms of consciousness are manifested through a morphogenetic form-holding imprint which exists as a quantity of crystalline, electro-tonal energetic substance that is composed of specific patterns of frequency. These multidimensional electromagnetic fields are collectively referred to as the bio-energetic system or the aura field of a manifest form. The aura field has seven primary inner layers (i.e.,bodies) which correspond to dimensional frequency bands 1 through 7. The aura field also has seven outer layers which represent the form-holding MORPHOGENETIC imprints for the seven inner layers of the aura field. The morphogenetic imprint holds the instructions and design for
      form-building in a type of digital or electronic encoding. The seven outer layers correspond to
      dimensional frequency bands 9 through 15.

      “The perceptions of your present races are focused within the middle range of the third
      dimension. In order for humanity to evolve into higher dimensional fields, the frequency
      patterns of dimensions four, five and six must be brought into manifest expression with the
      energetic grid of Earth. The frequencies or sound-tones must also become operational within the
      active DNA strands. The energetic imprint of the DNA is carried with the personal
      morphogenetic field and consciousness after physical death of the body. (Note: Morphogenetic
      fields are the form holding patterns through which matter forms. Rupert Sheldrake postulated on
      their existence, but proposed no physical mechanism.) Whatever frequencies are contained with
      that imprint will determine the dimensional placement of the consciousness after death. The
      ultimate success of DNA* building lies in the hands of the embodied consciousness who
      personally directs the process by the way in which personal energy is used and applied.
      *Note 1: Our current scientific community is thoroughly confused about the multiple
      strands of DNA, declaring only a few as having a known usage – and calling the remainder “junk
      DNA.” Over 97% of DNA has an unknown function! However, if it were junk, the sequence of
      the “syllables” i.e., the nucleotides in DNA, should be completely random. In fact, they are not
      random at all, and current scientists now believe that this DNA contains some kind of code with
      function completely unknown or undetermined.
      “(At death), you will move your consciousness through a dark tunnel, with a bright light at its
      end, the same effect as in a Near-Death-Experience (Note: the subject of much book
      investigative reporting).
      “Multiple reincarnational** identities represent portions of a person’s soul awareness evolving.
      To the soul-self identity, the immediate incarnates in its incarnational family are recognized as
      living sub-personality fragments of its own identity whose reality simultaneously takes place
      with the dimensional bands contained within the soul-self’s DNA. The DNA represents electromagnetically encoded digital imprints of the other living portions of your identity.
      **Note 2: Reincarnation occurs only in the first Harmonic Universe. “You reincarnate into
      multiple forms and situations because one lifetime is in no way sufficient time, nor does it offer
      sufficient exposures to enough diverse situations to give the fragment-spirit the understanding
      necessary. The best way to learn about poverty, or being rich, or being helpless, or being
      powerful, or being female, or being male is by experiencing lifetimes in such circumstances.”
      Book source: Andareon Theory communication.
      “Consciousness and matter are both composed of these units of electro-tonal energy and so both
      spiritual and scientific mastery are brought together through the applied knowledge of electro-tonal
      energy dynamics. For the smallest units of energy in the cosmos you could find 800
      billion billion units in an average 3 dimensional photon. They represent the “divine substance”
      out of which the cosmos is composed.
      “There is an organizational intelligence and sentient creative force of vast proportion that is
      responsible for the design and creation of the cosmos, i.e., the Central Creative Force you call
      God***. Members of the benevolent Guardian Alliance (Note: who communicated this book)
      are beings from higher reality fields, dimensions ten through fifteen, who have evolved beyond
      the manifestation of biology, physical and etheric matter substance into states of conscious prematter
      form who appear as forms of light when they enter your system**** or, occasionally take
      on the appearance of biological forms in order to interact with Earth life. Note for example: Jesus from
      the 12th dimension.
      ***Note 3: The GOD of the Old Testament Yahweh was an Ancient Astronaut as demonstrated
      by the Jewish-American scholar Zecharia Sitchin who authored multiple books based on
      historical Middle Eastern archeological hieroglyphic interpretations.
      ****Note 4: The above afterlife “system” description is supported in the website Zetatalk.com
      which contains details on souls, reincarnation, DNA and dimensions (density), particularly
      Dimension Four.
      Book #2. “The Treasure of El Dorado” Chapter 7. The Bodies of Man. EXCERPTS from dictated communications by Ascended Masters. Joseph Whitfield 213 pages. Available through Amazon.com.

      “The value of the TREASURE is literally priceless since it could not be purchased with all the
      material wealth of all worlds. The asset is the SECRET OF OVERCOMING DEATH.

      “Few indeed are aware of the totality of their being. Existing within and around the physical
      bodies are IMPERISHABLE bodies. These other bodies interpenetrate the physical body as well
      as extend beyond it. The various bodies which constitute the total potential of all developing
      human beings are: the physical matter body, the astral (antimatter) body, the etheric (Christ)
      body, the mental body and the emotional body. It is these other bodies that constitute the
      phenomenon referred to as an aura (NOTE: Which has been proven to exist by special
      photographic techniques, see Wikipedia aura paranormal). The reason that the aura is not readily
      seen by most people is that its range of vibration renders it invisible to the physical eye. One’s
      CONSCIOUSNESS and other higher faculties reside in this “spiritual” (frequency existing) body
      and are INDESTRUCTIBLE.
      no longer physically incarnated, the astral body houses the other bodies after the transition called
      death. Unlike the physical body, however, the astral body is inviolable, (i.e.,incorruptible).
      “Let us examine some of the functions which the various aspects of the astral body serve while
      one is physically incarnated. The subconscious is the mechanism which performs those vital
      functions that produce automatic actions and reactions on the physical level. Examples of this
      would be breathing, beating of the heart, blinking of the eyelids, digesting, etc. It is the
      subconscious which permits the formation of habits and which must be reprogrammed in order to
      break habits and existing beliefs. The subconscious however does not have the capacity for
      rational thought. Everything that is recorded in the brain is also recorded in the subconscious.
      The subconscious contains total memory information FROM ALL PREVIOUS LIVES AND
      EXPERIENCES (as recorded in the energetic DNA).
      “The brain is the memory bank while physically incarnated. The subconscious mind is the
      memory bank for your total experiences. Whatever is recorded in the brain is recorded
      automatically in the subconscious as well.
      “Consider that quality of the astral body that is called soul. Think of a cassette tape (i.e., the
      energetic DNA). When the tape is blank, it can be said to contain no soul. Now fill it with
      recordings. What we have done is to impart attributes to a previously empty cassette. We have
      thus CREATED SOUL. When the life ends, the tape (i.e., the surviving energetic DNA) is filled
      with that essence called SOUL. Within the total soul are many completed “tapes” containing the
      records of all incarnational experiences. The completed “tapes” form the memory bank, or the
      akashic record of each individual being. Whatever information is contained (from past lives),
      whether it be good or evil, true or false, right or wrong, correct or incorrect, can and does
      influence your well-being in your present life. This is why many people go through lifetime
      after lifetime making the same mistakes over and over again. In summary, the subconscious and
      the soul lack discernment. They cannot reason.
      “The conscious part of your mental body provides you with the powers of thinking. Thinking is
      the capacity to discern, reason, rationalize, to exercise self-discipline, to deduce, to employ logic,
      to analyze, inquire, synthesize, judge, investigate, observe, etc. THE BRAIN IS NOT THE
      MIND. It is one of the instruments that the mind uses while you are manifested in the physical
      planes (dimensions) of expression. The mental body has three distinct parts or levels: the
      conscious, the subconscious, and the superconscious. A primary function of the mind or mental
      body is to produce awareness, an incredible tool in the development of potential. As a
      component of the mental body, the subconscious has the ability and the capacity to record all
      sensual, mental, and emotional, and spiritual experiences and to “play back” this information,
      functioning like a tape recorder (i.e. the morphogenetic field and/or DNA).
      “The etheric (or Christ) body has been described by enlightened writers. Often referred to as the
      light body due to the effect produced in the atomic structure of this body by the speed of the
      electron movement within the atoms which equals or exceeds the speed of light. Achieving the
      status of etheric (or Christhood) confers upon the recipient many powers not found in the lesser
      bodies. Jesus represents the best example in history. Among the powers he was known to have
      demonstrated were: bilocation, levitation, materialization, healing, etc. Jesus constantly
      reminded his followers that they could do all of these and even greater things.
      “When one achieves the full etheric (or Christ) vibration, then death will no longer have
      dominion over him. It gives him the power to alter his vibrations at will, and thus he can freely
      travel through the physical, astral and etheric vibrations.
      “It is the emotional body that gives you a feeling nature, i.e., that produces the capacity for
      experiencing all levels of emotion such as joy and sorrow, love and hate, compassion and
      malevolence, ecstacy and depression, pleasure and pain, excitement and indifference. The
      emotional capacity is experienced on all levels of expression.
      “The superconscious is the functioning mind of the etheric or Christ self. What is required is that
      man of earth become aware of the existence of the incredible power of the superconscious mind
      and desire its attainment. To give you some idea of the scope of the superconscious mind, think
      of a rating scale numbered from 1 to 10 as representing the range of man’s conscious mind in
      Earth. Then classify the most outstanding geniuses of Earth history using 10 as the ultimate that
      is attainable. You will find that such men as Einstein, Swedenborg, Whitman, etc., would be
      rated from perhaps 7 through 9. By comparison, a pure state of superconsciousness would range
      into the hundreds or thousands. It is quite easy to conclude from this, is it not, that the means
      exist to literally transform Earth into a paradise by educating mankind as to its potential.
      “These bodies constitute man’s potential as he continues to evolve within the “system.” Each
      aspect of our total self is indispensable to the function and purpose of our total being.

      NOTE: The above concepts based on my “knowledge” research were confirmed in Australian Michel Desmarquest’s abduction to a highly advanced planetary culture (see below)

      OTHER REINFORCING BOOKS: *** most favored among hundreds researched.

      ***Abduction to the 9th Planet, republished under title “Thiaoouba Prophecy” by Michel Desmarqueet, Arafura Publishing, Australia. He was abducted physically in 1987 for nine days by the spiritually most highly evolved and most technically developed planet in our galaxy. He confirmed and detailed the existence of imperishable aura , reincarnation, and astral/etheric afterlife on progressively more advanced planets !! Excerpts below.

      “Your astral body, which inhabits every normal human being, transfers to its higher-self all the sensations that are experienced during a lifetime in a physical body. A normal human astral body contains approximately four billion trillion electrons, exactly marrying your (peak) physical shape.

      “The more you cultivate your mind, the less you will be burdened by your physical body and the quicker you will proceed through your cycle of lives. Regarding the problems of your planet, Michel, the solution depends on love, not money. People need to rise above hate, resentment, jealousy and envy, and put their neighbor before themselves.

      “There are nine categories of planets. You are on the planet Thiaoouba which is the top of the scale. Earth is a planet of the first category which could be likened to a kindergarten. We are one of three planets in the galaxy which are the most highly evolved.

      Zetatalk by Nancy Lieder, Granet Publishing, dictated by benevolent extraterrestrials
      also see website Zetatalk.com, Section Density, i.e. Dimensions
      ***An Ascension Handbook by Tony Stubbs, Oughten House Pub’g, channeled by Serapis Bey

      The Science of the Soul by Robert Siblerud, Sacred Science Publishers

      The Infinite MIND by Valerie V Hunt: The Science of Human Vibrations of Consciousness, Malibu Publishing
      The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot, Harper Perennial

      ***Andareon Theory by Robert Gidel, Andareon Foundation Press, dictated by Andar Group

      After We Die, What Then by George Meek, electronics engineer, Ariel Press

      A Lawyer Presents the Case for Afterlife, by Victor Zammit, Gammell Pty, Ltd.,Australia
      also see website Victorzammit.com
      Extraterrestrials in Biblical Prophecy by G. Cope Schellhorn, Horus House Press

      ***The Yahweh Encounters – Controversial Bible Interpretation, by Ann Madden Jones

      Extraterrestrial Contact – the Evidence and Implications by Steven Greer, Cross Point Publishers

      Gods, Genes & Consciousness – Nonhuman Intervention in Human History
      by Paul Von Ward, Hampton Roads

      A Seth Reader, by Richard Roberts, Vernal Equinox Press

      ***The Only Planet of Choice, by Phyllis Schlemmer, Gateway Books, Bath, UK

      Vibrational Medicine, by Richard Gerber, Chapters 1 & 4, Bear & Co.

      Light After Life by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Backbone Publishing

      Miracles of the Storm – Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC), by Mark Macy
      See website: World ITC.org

      PS: Pass this along if you are so inclined. Promotion encouraged, but this is NOT for total re-publication in books, magazines, professional journals, etc. without source approval. Short quotes or references OK. DJS

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