Jew Hating Indoctrination of Children – Religiously Validated

Jew hating indoctrination of children in schools – all religiously validated, of course. That wouldn’t happen today. Would it? Even after this in the 1930’s …?

Already in grade school, we were told that the Jews were evil because they did not believe in Christ and that they were “Jesus killers. … One of my teachers was a member of the “Waffen SS” and I can remember when he came to school in uniform with the imprint on his belt buckle, “Gott ist mit uns” (God is with us). He was very strict and attendance of the Wednesday afternoon Hitler Youth meetings were just as important as school attendance.

Mmmmm. His dedication is a bit like praying five times a day.

What Made Me Turn To Atheism – Carl Zimmerling explained in his 2000 piece.

When the up-side to religion is that it is so God damned awful it can turn you to atheism.

Christianity, Islam, and of course some brands of Judaism, peddle so much hate it’s really difficult to understand how so many otherwise good people are taken in by the fairy tales.

As one example only, I experienced the ultimate in (religious) hypocrisy in Kuwait, one of a number of nations with severe religious restrictions. Religious police here and in other Islamic nations censor imported newspapers and magazines, searching for illustrations of sparsely clad pin-up girls and the like. Any such illustrations are either blacked out with marking pen or the entire page is cut out. Alcohol and magazines such as Playboy or Penthouse are strictly forbidden and illegal importation is heavily punished. Extramarital affairs by wives could almost cost the offending female’s life, while married men openly have girlfriends. It was in Kuwait where I was invited to one of their weekly social gatherings outside of the city in a type of stone weekend cottage. After having traveled through several far eastern countries before where I usually had dinner and alcoholic beverages with my hosts, I did not expect to even see alcohol in Kuwait. This time, not only did the Kuwaiti and Saudi men bring married female girlfriends to the party, smuggled Scotch Whisky was available in abundance and the walls were covered with Playboy centerfolds. I do not remember how I got back to the hotel that night; the Arab hospitality was overwhelming and I was more than slightly intoxicated. Upon careful questioning of what would happen if the police would find out about these apparently regular Thursday evening parties, I was assured that there was nothing to worry about; Kuwaiti law enforcement officers were doing the same thing somewhere in the neighborhood, maybe right next door!

It has been patently obvious for at least a decade (given the reach of the internet), and well beyond for the well travelled (in business, pleasure or war) that Islam is one fucked up religion, used to control people more than satisfy any remotely noble spiritual desire – though often, and conveniently, they are coincidental, in that controlling others seems to bring exceptional spiritual satisfaction.

When I saw the results of religious divisions in Lebanon and Northern Ireland during their armed conflicts, I was turning more and more to agnosticism. My visit to Israel confirmed my feelings ever more—how can a so-called merciful, loving “god” allow so many people to kill each other over “him,” over differences in illogical religious views and traditions? Why did he not show up at the town square in Beirut, show his powers and force the adversaries to stop the killing and destruction over religion?

The hatred by the religious, most often aimed at the religious, is an inherent part of religion. But still, the Jews seem to come in for special attention. And this is no more so than in the Islamic world today – and fucking incredibly, among the ‘liberal’ regressive left in the west.

Read the piece. There are a couple of video treats included.

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