George Clooney’s Lake Como Refugees

George Clooney has been done a great job of raising awareness of the plight of refugees. I wonder how committed he is.

Type this into Google:

  • George Clooney Lake Como Refugees

Then try this for you ‘respectable’ press (this is for some British news outlets):

  • George Clooney Lake Como Refugees
  • George Clooney Lake Como Refugees
  • George Clooney Lake Como Refugees

You can change the ‘refugees’ to ‘migrants’ and the results are similar.

What do I get? Bear in mind that Google may be filtering stuff here, but the result where very similar on other search engines like Duck Duck Go.

For the general case I got the expected source: Daily Mail, Sun, Breitbart and some private blogs, all reporting on how Lake Como, where George has a home, residents are dismayed.

You see the Swiss have closed the border to migrants and so they are having to be settled near to George’s place. The locals don’t like it. And George hasn’t been around to put them straight on their bigoted ways. In fact there’s not much news about George on this at all – which is odd, given how much he supports the refugees and migrants. Has George become too busy to comment? Has he lost interest?

I know that popular ‘gutter’ press can steam to the top of the popularism dog shit pile and so scew the results. Surely the ‘responsible’ press are covering this too. I mean, they’d be keen to show George’s enthusiasm and share his welcome message to the refugees approching his home, right? Wrong. Not a dicky bird, according to this search.

The best I get when trying these searches tops with two articles:

  • February 2016 – Georg meets with Angela Merkel and backs Germany’s support for refugees.
  • April 2015 – George and Amal Clooney’s Lake Como home legally protected with fines of up to €500 for anyone who approaches it – The legal measure to protect their privacy has been officially declared by the mayor of Laglio, Roberto Pozzi

Did George anticipate that he might need it spick and span in order to welcome his refugees?

Whatever you think about the ‘refugee’ cricis – which in truth is a cricis for refugees because they have to compete with economic migrants that have fooled Merkel and the pseudo-liberals into thinking they are all refugees.

Maybe my search wasn’t so hot. Have I missed a report on a response from George to a diffcult question? Please let me know if you find any comments from George.

I mean to say, it’s great when celebs give their support to good causes, and it would be a shame if he’s still out there offering his big houses to refugees and nobody is telling us about it.


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