Clinton Exposes Muslim Victimhood

Hot on the heels of Fireman Sam, Bill Clinton has managed to expose how many Muslims are more interested in Muslim Victimhood and playing the offended and persecuted.

Here’s what Clinton said:

If you’re a Muslim and you love America and freedom and you hate terror, stay here and help us win and make a future together, we want you.

Here’s an article from Imraan Siddiqi:

Bill Clinton attacked all Muslim Americans during his speech to the DNC

And his pinned tweet:

Screenshot 2016-07-31 21.47.50.png

Foreign entity? What on earth is he talking about? We’ll get to that shortly.

One of Imraan’s sources that can be relied upon for selling the victim narrative is Linda Sarsour.

Of course we can expect Linda Sarsour to make a meal out of it – taking Muslim Victimhood to professional heights. She’s one of the most divisive forces in the US right now. She plays the unity game, but takes every opportunity to create divisive material.

You wonder why Muslims appear to by somewhat isolated? Is it the terrorism? No, it’s Linda’s Muslim agenda. She’s not interested in the USA, only about herself and her agenda. And, for all Islam is supposed to be race agnostic, she’ll use race whenever she can. On promoting her show:

We deal with many issues on this show that directly relate to us all from politics to race and religion. Our goal is to bring you news that affects you and the opportunities to help bring change to our lives. …  I promise to encourage young people of color, especially Muslims to join our team – give them real life experience in building a political commentary show for ALL, one we can be proud of.

For ALL – oh, but especially for Muslims. Oh, and people of color because you’re useful too.

It should be unsurprising Linda Sarsour manages to find a loophole in the Clinton message that turns it into an attack on Muslims.

And her followers lapped it up.

Here’s another Muslim Victimhood pedlar that Imraan picks up on:

Screenshot 2016-08-01 00.27.11

@DawudWalid wanted to remind us that some of the African slaves were Muslims. That sort of doesn’t help his Muslim Victimhood case that much, because it only goes to remind us by that time, Islam had been enslaving people from Africa and Europe for a while. But, nice try @DawudWalid.

Imraan uses this:

Stay here? – I don’t know how it was possible to hit so many wrong notes in a single sentence, but somehow Clinton was able to do it. Telling Muslims to “stay here” gives the impression that Islam is something “foreign” or “other” – when in reality, Islam has been in the fabric of this nation since its inception.

Well, yes, ‘stay here’ as opposed to be kicked out as Trump suggests. Now I know Trump is an idiot, but does anyone honestly think he’s referring to all the US citizens that are Nth generation US citizens that happen to be Muslim, when he talks about sending people home? Of course he has immigrants in mind. And, you know, getting a Green Card and citizenship, these things take time, so if he and is government were really motivated they could in fact ‘send home’ immigrants, that is reject applications for citizenship of Green Card.

So, it really isn’t difficult to see Clinton’s words in that context, rather the imagined alienation of all US Muslims.

Imraan tries to perform some Islamic exegesis on Clinton’s words (you know what I mean, drag reluctant meaning out of the text):

“We want you.” – One has to ask the question: Who is “we”? Muslims are just as part of the fabric of the “we” that makes up America as anyone else.

How about the “we” is all Americans, including Muslims as a subset, so please, subset that is Muslims, “we” (the Americans, including Muslim Americans, that are staying) want “you” (the subset of Muslims that were thinking of leaving, for Canada and elsewhere, as many suggested they would if Trump won).

But no, in order to have their victimhood the “we” has to mean white Americans and the “you” has to be all non-white Muslims (sorry white Muslims, you don’t count in identity politics).

Of course it’s not just Muslims playing the Muslim Victim card. You can rely on anti-Zionist authros to play along. This is how Peter Beinart worried about it in The Atlantic:

Bill Clinton’s Lapse Into Trumpism.

Surely that title is a joke. As if anything Clinton said in his speech is remotely like anything Trump has said regarding Muslims.

The problem is in the assumption. American Muslims should be viewed exactly the same way other Americans are. If they commit crimes, then they should be prosecuted, just like other Americans. But they should not have to prove that they “love America and freedom” and “hate terror” to “stay here.” Their value as Americans is inherent, not instrumental. Their role as Americans is not to “help us win” the “war on terror.”

This is utter nonsense. It is not saying they have to prove anything. It is a call to freedom loving Americans, but in this part of his speech it was aimed specifically at Muslims, because they are the ones that Trump has targeted because of HIS assumption that they are not freedom loving Americans. It was a reassurance that Clinton PRESUMES that American Muslims in America love America and freedom – he’s sticking it to Trump.

Whether Clinton meant to or not, he lapsed into Trumpism: the implication that Muslims are a class apart, deserving of special scrutiny and surveillance, guilty of terrorist sympathies until proven innocent.

No, you idiot. That’s what YOU read into it. It’s what you are looking for. But let’s get one thing straight, if there’s anyone making Muslims a class apart, it’s more often than not Muslims – they declare what their religion means to them. The same applies to all religions.

There’s a lot of mileage in going along with the Muslim Victimhood. It’s been good for articles and books for some time, as Glenn Greenwald, CJ Werleman and other regressives can tell you.

That so much can be tweeted about so few words from Clinton, and what’s more, that so much can be read into them that wasn’t there, is a fine example of how Islam works.

Having to deal with a book, the Quran, as well as the Hadith, which contain such explicit calls for violence and persecution, having to deflect, recourse to nuance and scholarship to explain away the hatred inherent in the books, really does make one a master at reading into texts pretty much whatever you want to get out of them. Finding the devil in “if”, “we”, “you” really does come easy for these people – and by “these” people you can take that to mean the victimhood Muslims and their regressive supporters.

These playful ways with words also explains how idiots like Beinart can compare Clinton to Trump.



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